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  1. Sexy beach 3 @ #2? What the hell kind of site is that
  2. The quality of posts, and the stupidity of the posters are quickly driving me away from these forums. People act so childish here, and there are way to many wanna-be mods. People of these forums post multiple threads about the same thing - How many different threads about summoning are there right now? How many am I interested in? 0. At this point every post I see right now is either based on the recent game - killing updates, or summoning. The forums are blan and boring. I'd rather watch paint dry than read the same garbled mess about summoning over and over. FIND BETTER TOPICS TO POST ABOUT
  3. wow Care to elaborate? Or do you just like to spam your post count up? RobinHoodie. http://www.battleon.com http://www.dragonfable.com http://www.mechquest.com http://www.godsoftime.com Yes you may say the first three are not multiplayer, however they do have multiplayers parts (wars, PvP) Wow has a free 10 day trial in which the person using the trial can not progress past level 20. Hopefully I shrunk your E-peen a little bit there sworddude.
  4. You guys are lucky, you get to level up after they buffed leveling speed by 40%. I leveled my two 70s when the grind was hellish.
  5. if you cant get lurker past 70% you should put away the SSC key and farm kara/gruul for a little longer. Or uninstall your game.
  6. You would think Jagex would have the ability to re-name characters. Just another reason why Blizzard is a far better company. Jagex you lose.
  7. If you ask me, this whole thing is stupid. Jagex just has sand in their butts because the money sellers make more $$ anually then they do.
  8. They might aswell take out the feature to talk.
  9. What I dont understand is how items are going to fluxuate (Spelling?) in price with the new trading system/GE. Santas are roughly 22m each right now, so does that mean that all rares are stuck at that exact price forever since thats the price the GE registers them as? and since you cant charge more than 3k for them? I dont get it really.
  10. SO what do you propose the runescape community should do to voice their opinions?
  11. Ill out dps you with my hunter any day.
  12. You mean without PKing? Without the ability to trade more than 3k at a time? Without the ability to duel for any sort of profit? Yes, seems like the game is being played EXACTLY like it should be. Edit: Looking at your join date, you have no idea how the game should be played.
  13. War is Peace Freedom is slavery ignorence is strength If you understand what i'm saying, kudos to you.
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