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  1. I haven't posted on this forum in probably close to 2 years, and I've barely played RuneScape in that time...but one thing I notice everytime I log in, my Santa Hat just keeps rising and rising in price, which is completely opposite of when I stopped playing, and it's worth just kept dropping. Was there something that happened that made these go up again? and how high is it expected to go? (sorry if this is the wrong forum, but everything has changed around here so much!)
  2. it randomly gets changed. and i was told this by deenginger who also has 200m exp cooking
  3. ahh good point on the pet store.... unless this is Jagex making runescape all F2P in hopes or changing everyone to MechScape! :twisted: :shock: :o CONSPIRACY!! (i really hope that they aren't that stupid)
  4. new development diary. it's like prayer. new combat max is 138
  5. well now that we know that summoning will affect combat, does this mean it is added to f2p? or are they stuck at 126 forever?
  6. will this mean f2p for summoning? or will max stay at 126 there?
  7. so what's the point of the ring of charos anyways?
  8. the membership thing is taken care of. how it was done was seller gets pin, then buyer would trade 1mil or more to seller and seller gets pin. although this was one of the biggest ways to scam ever. yes this seems weird that i know this but i do know a big runescape cheat forum. 3/4 or more of the accounts sold there too are all scams anyways.
  9. yeah this is really for me to try out clan war too...plus we find out who the better clan is :twisted:
  10. well...i did lol...and i died in abyss so yeah not a good idea to bring it along OT: it would mess with economy as previously stated, not the best idea
  11. is it just me, or does anyone else wish qeltar would quit so we don't have to listen to him whine about every update?
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