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  1. Personally, I think that the base price was a good price to go for. I, myself and going to sell mine at base, hopefully a bit higher, or exactly, 700gp. :)
  2. Have you ever gotten one of those long random events as you set your last out of 3 Net Traps down in hunting? (Example: Sergeant Damien, The Mime, Evil Bob, ect.) Well, if you do, don't expect to get your traps back... These random events just take too long to complete and get back to what you were doing. Maybe JaGeX should remove these random event for skills like this, and just keep it to the quick ones. Just a thought... Discuss? :)
  3. My apologies if this is the wrong forum! Anyone have a funny quote from someone on the forums, or just a quote overall that you'd like to share? Put it here! I seen a lot of quotes in signatures I thought i'd make a post for em. Enjoy! :)
  4. Congrats all! I'm sure you'll all do a great job! :)
  5. RuneScape bases the "Items Kept on Death" by general store prices. Well, after my experience of losing Guthan's Spear and Helm about a hour ago, I thought of something. Now that JaGeX has a way to see current street prices due to the Grand Exchange, why don't they change it to GE prices? Like, for example: Guthan's Spear over Guthan's Platebody Abyssal Whip over Dragon Battleaxe and so on. I think this deserves a chance, no? :D
  6. This definitely deserves consideration. The one and only downside that I can see with this is skillers, as you said.
  7. So it is completely possible for other people to pick it up? That's too bad.. =(
  8. Good information, it really makes you think. But, seeing as even the best computer scientists cannot make a program think like a human, I don't think they will go so far as to be undetectable.
  9. I don't think you understand how happy that makes me... Thanks, Mamong! :D
  10. I just got my first sets of Barrows Armor, and I am wondering a few things, since i've been told a bunch of different stories. 1) How does barrows armor degrade? I understand it degrades by increments of 25, but what makes it degrade? I've been told that its time, and also been told that it takes 2500 hits before it breaks. 2) When you die with barrows items on or in your inventory, but they are not on the "items you keep" list, since its not trade-able after being used, what happens? I've heard that you keep it, but it just breaks, which didn't seem like a likely story. Thanks guys! =)
  11. They took all the skills that gather things (Woodcutting, Fishing, Mining, ect.) out of the Assist System. Great thinking though!
  12. Nah, i'm switching to prayer now, just made some prayer pots. Thanks for the tips guys! =)
  13. Yeah, I just finished a run, 26 Monkfish and I only killed 20... I was just wondering if there was an efficient way to kill them without having to use prayer potions. Thanks guys =)
  14. What, in your opinion, is the best gear setup to kill them with, without prayer? I'm killing them now in red dragonhide, but having a tough time... Any recommendations?
  15. Yeah, thats what I meant, I didn't word the question right. I just think that it will be a rough update, overall.
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