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  1. Is it still worth it to start playing this as a total newbie?
  2. I will be an Asura when this comes out, they look so cool :thumbsup:
  3. British humour > American humor for me. A Bit Of Fry And Laurie, Blackadder, Allo Allo, Everything Monty Python, Fawlty Towers are all great series.
  4. kolko

    Guess the Game

    It is indeed. :thumbsup:
  5. kolko

    Guess the Game

    New pic, not that difficult :)
  6. kolko

    Guess the Game

    Would that be Klonoa?
  7. Any list that contains Showbiz as the best album by Muse is a fine list indeed :thumbsup:
  8. Leaked? The album is *out* in about half of the world.
  9. I already said rock... Most people know at least 1 band they listen to...
  10. Will there still be no monthly costs? If yes this is a must-buy for me, loved the first games :)
  11. We should make a tip.it video and raffle the prize :thumbsup:
  12. She's named after a song by Queen, that's impossible to be bad. I won't say anything about the music though :x
  13. Even if I don't like the music I still cannot dislike a name derived from a Smiths song.
  14. I was actually considering suggesting to make an Off Topic only contest (considering enough ppl dont actually play runescape) for the title change. 1 month duration, 20k starting cash, person to make the most money by the end wins. Minimum of 5 different stocks bought/sold. It's fun This should we fun. How should we do it?
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