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  1. loves having bright red hair :P

  2. I recently bought a PS3 and this is one the games i got with it. I love it so much! the size of the areas you can explore at free will is just amazing and all the free running just makes it so much fun :P I must admit it did take a while to get used to the controls but now that I'm used to them I'm enjoying it to it's full potential and I'm nearly half way through the game. I'm really getting into the story involving Ezio :P But one problem for me is that I was put off from buying the first game because I played a small section of it ages ago and it seemed horribly repetitive and it had too long cut scenes. So could anyone please explain to me the main key points of the story in the first game so this game makes a little but more sense to me XD
  3. Wow, the depth of the ocean is scary O_O And that bizarre octopus looking thing...that is what exactly? :S
  4. Wow you really need more comments. xD

  5. No, it's an album of the best remixes of her songs from both albums.
  6. I've just realised i'll be double posting, but oh well, anyone buy the new album "The remix"? It's epic :D
  7. I'm in 6th form at college, i have frees and go around the village quite a lot with my friends, and what annoys me is: People who are not in 6th form, that don't have frees, that purposely skive off lessons... Seriously, if you're going to skive your lessons what is the point of going to school!
  8. It's about a month until i see her in Birmingham :D So looking forward to it!!!! Tickets came the other day :)
  9. Could my pictures be deleted please. Thanks. Pictures have been deleted ~ Bongo
  10. Just finished this book myself It's an awesome read...the film though...i want to punch the people who decided that that film was good enough....
  11. Happy Easter Everyone ^^

  12. Got 25 kills the other day....but i hadn't got the nuke killstreak on ¬_¬ *sigh*
  13. Love it :) Also where Stewie goes really over the top with Brian about getting his money back XD
  14. Happens to me all the time, but it usually goes after a few minutes if you wait. But that's boring. Right now I'm trying to figure out whether I like the Intervention or the Barrett .50 more, so I have a class for each one. Intervention is so much better IMO
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