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  1. What? You mean you didn't even play it through with the infinite rocket launcher?
  2. gauper_kid


    Lol. I saw a bunch of them hanging around the movie theater when I drove past it. I thought they were all crazy, considering it was 90+ degrees out.
  3. I haven't really been impressed by any of the movie adaptations, but I'll probably end up watching it regardless.
  4. Back to the Future :thumbup: Probably gonna watch the sequel tomorrow.
  5. Why does everyone seem to like Morrowind more than Oblivion?
  6. gauper_kid


    Did you break your keyboard while you were moving ? Lol, he's typing like he's drunk.
  7. Tooooyyyyy Stooooorrryyyy 3. Pretty Awesome :thumbup:
  8. We are obviously not qualified to answer your question. You need to go to Yahoo answers, they can help you there.
  9. I wonder why no one has brought up the issue of backwards compatibility.
  10. Please use commas. The meaning of your post changes drastically without them.
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