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  1. I contacted an admin but they don't do that. Does anyone else know any ways to recover ip's used in the past?
  2. Thanks for the help guys! Unfortunately it still didn't get me my account back :( OK, I've tried leaving the month blank, I've tried entering all ISP's I've ever regularly played from and also entered the contact details I supplied long ago when they still asked for those when recovering. Still, they denied everything... I actually recovered the password like 2 or 3 times before to this exact e-mail address so they should know it is me. I even thought I had registered the account to my e-mail address when they finally made that an option but I found out I never finished that process by entering a confirmation code onsite. So now I'm trying to get a hold of my original IP address, my parents still live at the same place where I used to but they have changed ISP one or two times since then. I suppose the IP address will be different then? Is there perhaps any other way for me to find out what my IP address was 6 years ago. Are there any popular services like e-mail clients or something that holds on to this data for so long? Maybe this forum does? That would be great as I've created an account here shortly after creating it on RS! I am wondering though, how would this work when you have a dynamic IP address? Or is that something completely different?
  3. As I said in my post I've been logging in every now and then during those years. The last time was probably like 2 or 3 months ago so I don't think it has been hijacked. Even if it was I guess they wouldn't have used it for botting but more likely stolen the large amounts of money on there :( What I just don't understand is how I get denied on those grounds when I have the place, month, ISP and all that 100% correct. It's impossible for me to figure out the exact date I created it. I even tried to find it in chat logs but I don't have the ones needed anymore. Perhaps someone knows a way to send a personal message to Jagex staff and answer any questions they might have about my account? I know everything about it so it would make it pretty easy to prove.
  4. Hey! I used to play a lot of rs a long time ago (2005-2008) and managed to get a pretty nice account with a lot of money and beautiful house in those years. For the past three years I've hardly ever played but still logged in every once in a while to check on my accounts and any changes made to rs. However when I tried to log in yesterday I stumbled upon a big problem. My account has been locked! Apparently some sad noob has tried to hack into my account for one time too many and Jagex locked it. (I still hope they did this before anyone actually managed to get access to my account.) Anyways, I'm glad they lock accounts when such things happen to prevent my items from getting stolen but the problem at hand is that I cannot recover it in any way! :( I've already appealed for 6 times and entered all the information correct, including exact answers to all 5 questions, my first ever membership payment (and many others). My ISP when I created it and also when I moved and my current ISP. Everything is in there even what I think must have been my first password (hard to know after 6 years) and the date I created my account in (maybe one month off but still). I even added my contact details from back then in the extra details below, also 100% correct because I kept all those info on a piece of paper in case something like this ever happened. Nevertheless, every time I try to appeal I keep getting this denial explanation: I REALLY want to get access to my account back and since it is still impossible to personally contact the folks at RS HQ personally in any way I decided to ask here if anyone knows anything I can do to get this fixed! I hope you guys can help! ~Silver24-7
  5. I am pretty sure that they will use the opportunity to enhance the price of pure ess. By adding rewards in the form of pure ess or something similar they'll try to make it's price lower.
  6. as dcing as cost me 10s of millions of geepees in the past I'm glad to pay the tiny 500k fee to get 5 minutes to get my stuff back :) instead of the old 2 minutes to get there and pick things up, if others hadnt already done so...
  7. Lol, I could've made a movie of me giving a friend 2 red phats and 1 blue phat and then put it on youtube saying I sold it for 2.000$.... I could make a vid the other way around too... This thread really has no point.
  8. I used to browse the site for guides, then, a few months later, I had to sell and buy some stuff and used the TIF, since I was f2p I couldn't use the runescape official ones. A little after that I started to use the forums more and more especially for the graveyard at first since I was all into pking and downloaded hundreds of those amazing P2P pking vids, then later on I started checking the F2P and later P2P General Discussion boards and I got sucked into the community :P Even made 7 PK vids and my very own blog which is pretty much dead atm :P ...Silver
  9. he knows that, he's just saying that the full screen mode is causing the same thing to happen. But really, that makes no sense, full-screen is more of a "fun improvement" then actually making it easier to play certain aspects of the game. And well, after all the trouble they went through to get rid of most of the RWT'ing they really aren't going to just bring it back xD
  10. What is the cost per month? And can it be used to pay for several months at a time? If so, what are the costs for that? I probably won't use it anyway now that they allow iDeal payments, but if it turns out to be cheaper (pretty much impossible) then I would use my phone instead :P
  11. Well it looks like I lost some posts and replies, but just a tiny bit of the blog itself. I might get some stuff back in there when I finish my exams in July :P ...Silver24-7
  12. Pretty nice for all the muted people, I think they might not allow you to use numbers because people would use them to say anything they'd like, with 1337speak and similar ways... Including bad things which is why they were muted in the first place... like 4$$ could be seen as abusive use of numbers and sign by the Jagex people ;) ...Silver
  13. I believe you should remove this topic, seeing as the wildy doesn't even exist as a PvP area anymore :cry: On another note: Great job on restoring and revamping the forums! ...Silver24-7
  14. this one still works :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sswpRJJNRFI srry if its already been posted a million times XD no time to go through all now...
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