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  1. I would really want RSDemon to come back. That was IMO the best RS toolkit ever created. Nothing ever came close to it's perfection. The only decent tool I use now is runetracker, but that gives far from enough information. Also the Tip.it microhelper is awesome. It needs an update though.
  2. (I've already searched if there was any topic for this yet.) Last year RS organized an event for Thanksgiving, but they didn't post this on the front page causing many players (including me) to miss the item. That was the only event item I never had. Now I'm wondering if there will be anything this year. I can't find any information.
  3. YES! I completely agree with the writer on this topic. I am afraid to level up any combat skill anymore, because I don't want to reach 90 cmb. That while I have only one character I use, a pure F2P that I have since early 2001. It's a shame, I would love to do some pvp/fog. Guess that'll have to wait till I get 120 dung =/
  4. Good for you and all chrome users, i'm sure they'll find that helpful. Though this is a Firefox search extension (and not a toolbar). It doesn't take any new space and installs one-click.
  5. Hi Guys I'd like to inform you that I've created a (Firefox) extension for easy access to the Grand Exchange search. You can find the application here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/177838/ Any feedback is welcome here or on the extension's page. poi ===== More ideas - I can change the default search (when you search without entering anything) from the RS Homepage to the RS Game Client. If you're interested in this change please say so here or in the feedback. - If I find how to do it I might be able to add more parameters such as member/non/both and/or price ranges - ... (suggest something) ===== For Google Chrome users:
  6. http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?rs2monster_id=181 would be the only scorpion that ever drops anything ( 1 charm ). Is this correct?
  7. Yes, but I think that originally it was random. Also when I opened my cracker in 2001 i recieved a gold party hat AND a gold ore. That's why the original statement is incorrect
  8. "Although very few people do this now, you can use the cracker on another player and pop it. One character would get a party hat of random colour, another would get a gift such as rune bars or runes." As far as my memory serves me this is incorrect. Both players recieved an item. Who recieved the party hat is probably random.
  9. Dungoneering is missing from the stat list. Also is there any way to change the size of the frames?
  10. A lot of people wait for batch 2 to convince them. I'm also not motivated to train both combat and dungeoneering anymore because of the 50% XP reduction.
  11. Adamant Battleaxe is listed as 1636 but should be closer to 2496 (see iDB and wikia)
  12. Shouldn't we sign up all together trough tip.it as a community? We'll recieve a lot more points.. I'm not sure what it is but im intrigued
  13. Jagex changed the price back to 12 gp again. I guess they are being kind because of the huge exp nerf... If I knew that i'd saved myself a few hundred fog tokens... I don't mind waiting a bit longer if it makes skilling free..
  14. Infinite cash trick at lvl 44 rc? I thought that was fixed a long time ago. Don't air runes sell at 4 ea? Or is there something else
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