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  1. well ive heard we got murdered and ive heard DI cheated so what happened i died pretty fast...
  2. first off to prove bronxie is full of [cabbage] i came late to the war my comp keep lagging so restarted it took around 10 mins in total ok i had no idea what the f*** was going on....i log on and head to gds then i look wait? im on the wrong world.... so i get above chaos warriors change worlds once im on the world i pot and run up i run up saying !ZF! ok i see around 20 red capes around me of course im like o God.... i run with all i got which is clicking :P i got to where ZF had there sq i see devils run and see the sq and run back then once around 80 of em log on id guess they rush they square thats your fault most zf stayed in the sq except a few anxoius people well after that i went from chaseing and running back up ( for some reason devils liked to camp at black knights little outpost thingy) after i while i got a little bored of it so i would just chase people around gds you could never tell who was winning sometimes i would be piling sometimes i would be getting piled by 20+ people ( or so it seemed ) now u can say we cheated or we got lucky but guess wat? there was around 40-50 ZF still at gds and every now and then a red cape would chase up a zf member because they were camping low......... i walked down after i saw it was apparent we won.... and got piled at 30 wildish? around what 15 devils camping there........ real smart 8) well i made it out wiht 78 hp no food 8) woulda been more but i turned around n fought a guy for a bit :P well its obvious ZF won go ahead make more excuses :roll: P.S. i no some devils that may wanna try out for the olympics cuz i have never seen such good runners 8)
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