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  1. Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself please...my name is Rick aka Adam Hidius on RS. Some of you have seen me before on here as a leader of Divination. Well I left that clan and founded my own clan. This clan is called Divine Skillers! We founded it on June 8th 2011. This new skill clan is composed of high lvl skillers who either want to max out or is already maxed out. We host clans events east week and also skill wars. We offer a safe and secure clan forum Divine Skillers. I bring over 4 years of clan leadership into Divine Skillers. I helped my lasy clan win 2 Jagex Skill Cups with some really legendary skillers. I want to combine that experience with a more mature and serious approach to skill clans. There's always going to be fun with so many people in our clan from all over the world but with a higher behavior standard but with preserving all the fun. Take Care and have fun skilling everyone. Leader of Divine Skillers, a Skilling Revolution! ~Rick
  2. omg it's rick on tipit

  3. It's going to be rerally interesting to see what kind of xp you can earn on each skill as time goes on. I think people should give the new skill a chance before criticizing it.
  4. Hello everyone, my name is Rick. I'm new and I'm looking forward to meeting new people here. :)

  5. Hi Rick, welcome to tip.it :)

  6. Leader Of Divination

    Runescapes #1 Ranked Skill Clan

  7. Please edit our leaders when you have a chance, thanks. Adam Hidius :)
  8. Your Clan Name (as you want it to appear):Divination A link to your clan's banner (please keep it under 810x250 or it will automatically be resized): A link to your clan's website/forums:http://www.divinationx.org/ A link to your clan's runehead/memberlist:http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=divination Your Clan Leaders:Adam_Hidius, Da_Broman, Waz Joe, Zhho Your Clan Initials:DX Your Clan's Main Focus (ie. Warring, Skilling, Pest Control, etc.):Skilling
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