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  1. Finally finishing this up...
  2. EasyScape killed this thread lol.
  3. If you're 200m in a skill, go F2P and inactive for a few months, you will disappear off the hiscores. But as soon as you log back in and out again, even in F2P, you will be back on the hiscores with your old rank position. I just confirmed that this is still the case. Overall Xp must not work the same way however.
  4. Not 126 obviously if the Xp cap is being raised beyond 200m as well lol. You'd need something higher, like 130 or 140. I'm currently level 140 in Agility.
  5. Raise Level cap at same time and it wouldn't be a problem.
  6. That was for a friend's 99 Woodcutting party lol
  7. I'm at 858 days but lacking the afk time that others have managed to accumulate. :P
  8. I think Carcass was in the 900s when I last asked? I remember asking quite a few individuals with 200m all and heard the 900s multiple times.
  9. There's no Cooking in that list. Only 25 skills. Not good enough. Weak. Gg. Jk.
  10. Just a FYI, Agility Xp gained from Fishing is actually built into the CML calculator. You don't need to calculate it out again.
  11. The issue with Runes and Dusty is that they're shown as having done far more in-game hours than they really have. They barely put in hours compared to the people around them. They are not serious competitors by any means. In terms of hours of gameplay, they should be like a third of where they're shown at now. THAT is why people are against them being up there. They are not really representative of the top people in the lead for the race to 200m in all skills. EHP is supposed to be a good measure to compare different stats and it works in most regards, but this is a major exception. That is why you need to manually alter your rankings.
  12. The reason they're even that high in the first place is because Foot is giving priority consideration to those who choose not to use runners. By all rights, he could simply just put RC at 75k Xp/hr or whatever and let people use solely alts for making money. It's already a courtesy keeping it as low as it is.
  13. I believe this is what he was alluding to. I don't click random links and it wasn't immediately obvious to me that he was linking a poll about this issue.
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