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  1. A Tribe Called Quest just released an album after an 18 year hiatus. It's an amazing hip-hop album and lives up to all the hype: https://play.spotify.com/album/0Incoil3u4Vj41GTEne0Ag
  2. Yeah, I ended up going there and digging around for a while before posting here. The evidence given is "Suspected hijacking". Technically there are two permanent mute records, one for RS forums for spam (evidence: "Repeated spamming"), immediately followed by the permanent mute with "suspected hijacking" as evidence. Thanks for the tip about contacting them via twitter/reddit, I figured the better process would just be email, so hopefully being more personal about it pays off.
  3. Hey folks, After a 5+ year hiatus I decided to pick up the game. I'm vaguely aware of logging in 2-3 years ago and finding the mute active on my account, but because I generally log in once or twice a year to just screw around quickly I have never worried about it. Now that I'm actually starting to play consistently again, I'm wondering: do I have any options for an appeal? I can no longer speak to anyone in-game and I've found that very limiting. I'm aware that Jagex has implemented a policy of 'no appeals" for certain bans, and that hijacking is a truly permanent ban, but I figured I should at least give it one last try before accepting my fate. Thanks in advance.
  4. aquariusman


    So today I was reminded about this (previously large) part of my life, so I figured I would go ahead and check in. I used to be quite active here in Off-Topic, and found that I loved all kinds of threads and topics. There was a core group of other tipit-ers that I became fairly close with over my 2 lurking + 5 active years, and they definitely fuel a lot of the nostalgia I feel. If you were ever a part of those late-night MSN conversations featuring Matt, Suzi, Aaron, Lyra, Ben, and many others, please, please reach out, I'd love to catch up. As for what I did today: I really just bummed around the house getting chores done slowly and nostalgia-tripping my way through Runescape and the tip.it forums. I started work recently so I'm letting myself enjoy the luxury of wasting time for the first few weeks of this, something I haven't had since starting university. That coincidentily, is about the time I stopped visiting tip.it, although I don't know if its the reason. Since then though, I've had a great time starting and graduating university, and I now work designing large-scale cooling and ventilation systems for mission-critical buildings, also known as data centres and always-on facilities. PS: Was Estonian Dude previously known by as Trapical/some with "tropical" in the name? The palm-tree avatar makes me think of the one guy who pulled off a mission impossible-style high school prank, and that is still one of the best things I've read on the internet.
  5. Just sayin' Now, if you want to run, all you ca really do is start running. Not knowing how much of a runner you are in the first place does actually hinder us helping you, as it tells us whether or not we need to suggest certain training styles. For instance, if you are a weak runner, walking/running intervals are a great way to get to prolonged runs (It's how I started in fact). But if you're in good shape, sprinting intervals/just running are great ways to do things. A routine involves not just the frequency of your runs, but the lengths and speeds. But if you just want "tips and tricks" get off your arse and run. That's the only real tip we can give you, that you're looking for. You have that routine from Nike+, so just start. Change if you realize it's not working out. The only thing you need to do is get into the habit of running. Once you get that done you can worry about specifics.
  6. My younger sister's friend (Year younger than me) is hot, and there's a chance she's into me. Should I go for it? I'm not talking about a relationship, just a hook-up. The catch is that she's "one of" her best friends, but my sister [bleep]es about her enough that I know they don't really qualify as best friends. So, to go after her, is there a black and white answer, or does it depend on how hot she is?
  7. Because the rest of the time we make speeches about IOIs and flirting. But I don't think IOI has been said in the past 10 pages at least, until now. In fact, I think the only PUA term that's been said was GFTOG, which really, is just solid advice in general, as long as you don't take it literally... Anyways, the speech happens because someone always gets annoyed by the fact that really, the advice given usually is about attraction, but that's because once you get a relationship, talking about problems with that isn't seen as vulnerable. Whereas asking for help with getting girls can make you seem vulnerable or "lesser", because men see it as something they need to be able to do. So yes, being yourself and confident is the best way to get the girls you want, but being confident and a "ladies man" is the best way to get any kind of girl.
  8. I need my actions to affect someone else, or to be competing against someone else. Otherwise, I get my motivation from habit. And "affecting someone else" includes if I made a promise to someone, like showing up to school, I've assumed responsibility that I'll do my work and respect the teacher. Or with a sports team, I joined, I'm part of the team, I give everything I have for that team. I depend on other people for my motivation, or at least I have. I think that as I'm maturing, I'm finding motivation just from sheer will. Oh, and www.minimotivation.com
  9. A) I've pretty much come to the realization that I do have feelings for her, but it isn't what other people think about the age, it's what I think about the age. It's something I just have to make a decision about, and I'm not talking a logical decision, I mean an emotional one. I can't deny that maybe social acceptance is influencing it a bit, but at the same time, the people I'm closest to, with the exception of my sister, approve. B) I figured out it was less of finding something to be good at, and more finding some sort of passion. But I think that something I already had showed me what I want: to help people. Right now I'm doing training for becoming a lifeguard, and I love it. I definitely think I'm going to follow through with everything, and work my way up. Also helps the fact that I want to become a firefighter... And since I brought up the conversation about ex's, my ex is my best friend. We literally talk about everything that goes on in our lives, including other relationships. I can definitively say that there is nothing from our relationship that interferes with our friendship. Everything about when we dated was good. We both see it as a happy time in our lives, and it ended well. So yeah, amazing friends, and hell I like her new boyfriend. Sooooo, I don't see her as an ex at all. She's my best friend. 8 months.. It's a long time and uni indicates that your still young so your relationship shouldn't be that serious (this may start a debate.) Just make the most of it while it lasts and I would say definitely try on that trip. great thanks! and yeah, she says she plans to move in with her girl friend which will make anything that hasnt already happened impossible. Hopefully i'll balls up and do something about it in New York city! From reading what you've said, this is going to work out for you. She's either shy or wants you to take control, and in either case what you need to need is talk to her with the confidence that she is into you, that she wants you. And to me that joke her friend made about you texting her all the time means that she IS into you, and her friend was making fun of her for it by sending you that text. GO FOR IT. Oh, and I think you mentioned something about how you're always with your other friends when around her? Make your move, even if you're in front of other friends. If you're confident about it, she'll likely go along with it. Just sit beside her whenever you can, talk to her, make it obvious you're into her. [bleep] what your friends are going to say about it, they are going to make jokes. This exact same situation is what happened to me these past couple weeks, and it turned into a fun little fling. I suspect that this will turn into more for you, as there are differences. But my main message stands. You are THE man. You are the man she wants. Go for it, you will get her.
  10. Failure means breakdown of form, which means potential injury and an ineffective workout. For instance, yes, do push-ups until your back starts sagging. Once it sags, you're not working your core as much. Same with pull/chin-ups. Do them until you have to start kipping. If you start cheating on form, you'll just be tiring yourself out by not working what you want in an effective way. But I only think of strength training, not body-building, I guess that there is the potential for failure to help body-builders? I really don't know, but if you're going for strength, don't fail.
  11. It was a joke, and I would barely call it condescending... Anyways, life has been interesting lately. For one, good bye virginity, and I owe a friend a slap as part of a bet. Second, sex isn't really that great (At least she seemed like she was having a blast), although it could just be that I'm not that attracted to her; I started something and it quickly fizzed, I plan on killing things tomorrow. Thirdly, remember how I was talking about a girl two years younger than me? I'm back to that again, confused as [bleep] about how I feel about her, and I think I would know for certain if she wasn't so much younger than me. Fourthly, I had what I guess I would call a mental breakdown on Friday, all stemming from a conversation I had with a friend. More on the mental breakdown: Me and my friend were supposed to be doing a project, but instead talked about a lot of other things, lifeguarding, counselling at a camp we'll both be working at, backpacking across Canada, and pen spinning. He's quite good at pen spinning, and taught me how to do some basic stuff. Afterwards I got to thinking that I don't have anything that I'm good at. I'm athletic, but haven't really done much, I'm smart, but not some kind of genius, and there are no real tricks that I know how to do. So then I got distracted by some friends, and the thoughts were left to soak into my head. A couple hours later, while watching a movie with my ex (Who's my best friend now), the thoughts came back full-force. I then proceeded to become completely stressed out. I left and she went to her boyfriends, and then I pretty much had the breakdown once I got home, thinking about what I'm going to do about this, and that, and these people, and how I'm going to end things with Vivian, and what am i even doing in my life, what do I want to do, what am I good at, what aren't I good at, what do people think I'm good at, and my mind was going a mile a minute. So yeah, was all jittery and worked up, so I went outside and played with my dog for about 20-30 minutes (Of literally sprinting back and forth), then drove down to pick up pizza my dad had ordered, had a good scream on the drive back. Starting texting Emily (Younger girl) while eating, and talked to her for the rest of the night, and that definitely helped me calm down. Oh, I'm also nearly certain that she has feelings for me. Now this weekend I spent mostly alone, figuring my stuff out and making plans for what I'm going to do. I've realized just how good my accomplishments are, I will be doing awesome in life, and [cabbage] doesn't matter. Completely unrelated, anyone else here good friends with an ex?
  12. Convince her to do really fun things. Go tree climbing, go rock climbing, go sky diving, go skinny dipping (Bonus for you too :thumbup:), tell her how beautiful she is, buy her nice things, say how amazing she is. Make her feel good, make her do adventurous things, make her have fun. Also, recruit her friends to help you out with that. But when you do talk to them about it, make sure you choose your words carefully, so that you sound like you want to help her rather than you want to help yourself (It might be easy to say the wrong things).
  13. Just ask her to coffee or dinner. Or maybe something a little more fun.
  14. This. http://www.paleonu.com/ http://stronglifts.com/stronglifts-diet-muscle-gains-strength-building-fat-loss/ http://doubleyourgains.com/eat-this-and-get-healthier-in-just-10-days http://paleodiet.com/definition.htm http://robbwolf.com/ Low carb, high fat/protein is the healthier diet. Also, an explanation of why grains are horrible. The general gist of the article is that grains contain lectins, a type of protein. Lectins wreak havoc on your body. When you say this, do you mean bread generally or just whole grain bread? I strongly suggest reading the article when you have the time, but yes, all breads. The basis of a paleo diet is to essentially cut out any mordernised foods: Breads, cereals, sugars (Except for natural, such as honey and fruit), nuts. If it can't be hunted or gathered, it pretty much isn't allowed. Notice that I said gathered, not farmed. Wheat doesn't grow naturally in large fields, and you need a largue amount of wheat to make any wheat-based food. Also, another point is that meat is grass-fed versus grain-fed (grass fed has the "correct" omega fatty-acid ratio). [spoiler=Getting Started on the PaNu diet] 1. Eliminate sugar (including fruit juices and sports drinks) and all foods that contain flour. 2. Start eating proper fats - Use healthy animal fats or coconut fat to substitute fat calories for carbohydrate calories that formerly came from sugar and flour. Drink whole cream or coconut milk. 3. Eliminate gluten grains. Limit grains like corn and rice, which are nutritionally poor. 4. Eliminate grain and seed derived oils (cooking oils) Cook with Ghee, butter, animal fats, or coconut oil. 5. Favor ruminants like beef, lamb and bison for your meat. Eat eggs and some fish. 6. Make sure you are Vitamin D replete. Get daily midday sun or consider supplementation. 7. 2 meals a day is best. Don't graze like a herbivore. 8. Adjust your 6s and 3s. Pastured (grass fed) dairy and grass fed beef or bison has a more optimal 6:3 ratio, more vitamins and CLA. A teaspoon or two of Carlson's fish oil (1-2 g DHA/EPA) daily is good compensatory supplementation if you eat grain-fed beef or no fish. 9. Proper exercise - emphasizing resistance and interval training over long aerobic sessions. 10. Most modern fruit is just a candy bar from a tree. Go easy on bags of sugar like apples. Stick with berries and avoid watermelon which is pure fructose. Eat in moderation. 11. Eliminate legumes 12. Eliminate all remaining dairy including cheese- (now you are "Orthodox paleolithic")
  15. So you're saying that just because it's harder to breath, cold air must be thinner? Very dry, hot air is just as hard to breath, does that mean that it's thinner as well? I find it easier to breathe in a hotter climate than a colder one. But that's just me. I'm in no way disagreeing with you. I'm just saying that you're reasoning has a major flaw. You're saying that just because it's harder to breathe (Getting less oxygen), there's less oxygen to be breathed. What Standard_Pix said agrees with my knowledge, that a higher temperature facilitates diffusion of oxygen in the lungs (Better O2 absorption). I disagree with your reason as to why it's harder to breathe in colder temperatures.
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