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  1. Texans 2-0 so far! :D Still not looking good for Arian foster, hope he does better by the regular season.
  2. I kind of miss the old river troll, tree spirit, and such... but I HATE the maze... I just give up every time I get it...
  3. I like every one of those things except the desert, Morytania, and the troll land. I recently did Troll Stronghold, and I was almost killed because my prayer would not turn on when the thrower trolls attacked me.
  4. I tend to be a very selfish person at times, especially whenever it comes to decisions. I can't think of a time I betrayed someone, though.
  5. Okay... this is a freak...

  6. Well, glad to see my team made it past the first round! :twss: I hope they can do better than the did against the ravens in the regular season next week.
  7. Year of HOPEFULLY changing the theme song at the login page BACK to Scape Main.
  8. I think you meant one. Maybe you should say that again?
  9. I tend to get all of those comforting dreams such as being president, going somewhere you have always wanted to go, etc., only to be woken by my alarm clock 30 minutes later... :wall:
  10. I hope the Texans can beat the Bengals Saturday, though I don't see it happening. I really hope we get a Harbaugh Brothers Super Bowl. 49ers v. Ravens.
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