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  1. I agree. Reddit absolutely replaced traditional forums, but not only for RS, but other games I followed. It is just how things go. I just hope that tipit stays up for years to come.. Even if it is a ghost town
  2. The only FC I'm aware of related to this site in particular is 'sc'. Only one or two people actually chat it in it though
  3. The site was down for a couple of days. What happened?
  4. I wish I was into this game when the community was tiny, before RS2.. but I didn't have a computer with internet way back then. I think RS was the first online thing I ever played after we got DSL in 2005
  5. Eh, the forum is dead just as much as how you don't use the postal service to send casual communications between friends. Yeah, it is there, and yeah, you can do it, but it is a depreciated method of communication
  6. Hi This forum is dead, mate
  7. Silverhawks didn't ruin the game. A billion cuts and directional move to micro transactions and monetization killed the game. Though, kill isn't such an accurate word. There are still a bunch of people playing. Is it the same good game we knew? Hell no. But RS3 isn't dead by any means
  8. This hasn't really been used since 2014. Just make your own twitch account
  9. What is better? You need 99 smithing to create a platebody that you need lvl 50 defence to wear.. Or needing level 50 smithing to create a platebody that you need level 50 defence to wear?
  10. Hi Tro! I hope you've been good :)
  11. Or if it is in a chat, and they aren't on your friends list, right click their name and add to ignore
  12. @jagexsupport is actually jmods. @jagexhelpchow isn't a jmod, just a person
  13. 'sc' used to be the tipit chat... but I don't know if anyone uses it still
  14. Cash out Cash out Cash out and share with wkw =3
  15. 50k is a reward in place of an effigy, if you already have 5 in your bank
  16. For shame on not using searing overloads! It basically multiplies your overload and super antifires by 20% when you make them =(
  17. Locked means it is locked, possibly because of recovery requests or they believe the account was stolen. If you don't have any of the original recovery data, it will be auto rejected because there isn't enough information. Try to provide them the following information... - first password(s) - first recovery email (if you don't have access to the email you are boned) - Account creation date - Recovery question answers (obviously) - Login in name, previous display name(s)
  18. I used magic for the fight. It wouldn't really make Greg and Nomad much faster, but would give you extra defense vs Linza. Are you using an off hand drygore? If you are really just wanting to finish that part, then might want to try to use guthans so you have decent HP sustain?
  19. I don't believe it is possible to get 1 xp in a combat skill. Sorry
  20. If something goes into GE, it will complete for the oldest and highest offer first. So if you are the first person to put an offer into the GE, at all, period, for 1gp, and someone puts the offer in for 2B after you, no matter what the seller puts it in the GE for it will be sold to the highest offer first :)
  21. I'm not thinking its an elite reward. People have done loads of them without getting it. I'm still hard set on it is a pretty rare reward from doing something while having all 4 levels of luck active.. Perhaps a mob drop, rdt drop, or clues... while having the rabbit foot, ROW/uncharged insignia/potion, charged insignia/enhanced potion, and luck of the dwarves active.
  22. +1 to what Blaze said, they likely moved on from RS. I know there was one guy who I tried to keep in touch with, Axe Man Jack. He made the biggest slayer guide in 2005 when it came out.. Haven't seen him since late 2013. Sent him a PM a few years ago... he either doesn't care, or sadly died :(
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