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    World - HYT

    I used to be in 99 but I had to avoid that for mental health reasons (stay from the people that give you duress my therapist said) I'm either in 71, or 37 all the time =3
  2. I read this the other day, but don't really feel like re-reading it.. :o For melee If you are strapped for cash, twin fury blades are indeed the best. Dirt cheap. The next best things are the dragon rider lance, and then nox scythe. If you are doing slayer and want to do if more efficiently, you want to use melee AOE, IE a halbred. Don't go for anything less then an attuned crystal halbred, or lance or scythe for this. Melee armor, bandos<torva/zaros anima core<malevolent For range, royal bow is best for low money. You only need to get to the last phase of QBD.Next best thing would be shadow glaives (20m), then ascensions (100m) and nox (150m). If you can't kill QBD, attuned crystal can be a substitute. Range armor, armadyl<pernix/zammy anima<sirenic Mage, attuned crystal wand/orb/staff or chaotic staff are all T80, but dont use attuned crystal for this. Cwyr wand + virtus book is very good, or even just virtus wand and book... so basically virtus wand+book OR chaotic staff OR attuned crystal staff < cwyr wand+virtus book < staff of darkness (50m)<nox staff or seismic wand/orb Armor, subj<virtus/seren anima core<tectonic
  3. In light of reviving this forum from the 0 Kelvin, how about a question. What world does everyone play on? Granted, I only know two or three people from TIF anymore, and haven't been HYT'd in almost two years, so why not ask What world does everyone generally play on?
  4. Meh. I could care less for EOC pvp... I like legacy DPS... it is a bit more slower pased that I can keep track of.
  5. As special attack weaps, claws are fairly good. Even AGS is pretty good with the ability to hit 8ks. I'm hoping that the stuff that makes ancient warrior stuff is tradable, and allows you to augment them..
  6. IMO the ideal number is 7 people. As long as 4 or 5 of those people know what to do, the other people don't really need to do anything (with the exception of not killing people on reflect) If you can find two people who know how to base and how to bomb, and they can tell you when to use ultimates on P5, you'll get it easy.
  7. Don't mean to offend, but it is more of a community that teaches PVM than anything else, and unless you're already in a clan with people who PVM or know people, it'd be pretty hard to get into it. Would just try to help out, thats all. The chat isn't elitist in the slightest
  8. Join the FC that I am in, I can teach you vorago :) http://[Use Quick Find Code]/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?194,195,575,65827768 The only thing that I would say you 100% need would be T80 range OR magic armor and weapon at minimum, and teamspeak so that you can listen to calls. I think with about 5 good people we can take 4 learners without issue most weeks
  9. Oh lordy thats a lot of pots I kill myself whenever I make 1k overloads :( Anyway, I have 23 achto pieces
  10. I was at KK. The green attack hits for 32k melee damage. You can actually block it with prayer, reflect, debilitate and a spirit shield. But, I took the hit and my defender saved me :)
  11. Weapons > armor, without a doubt, and absolutely. Using a T90 weapon with no armor is better than using a T80 weapon with full T90 armor. For melee, drygores are good, but a cheaper alternative are this and its off hand: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Blade_of_Nymora It has the same accuracy as drygores, but the damage of chaotics, for a fraction of drygore cost. For magic, virtus weapons would be the next best thing if you can't afford the cywr wand (20m). Virtus are like, 8m for a wand and book? Ranged, royal bow costs under 1m, but you need to be able to kill QBD to make it http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Royal_crossbow Ring, you can buy a berserker ring, or do broken home (it has no reqs) for the surgeon ring, which is without a doubt one of the best rings period http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Surgeon_ring Cape, obsidian or skillcape is good, if you have it. Amulet, do One of a Kind for dragonrider, which is also very good http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Rider_amulet
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