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  1. I made this account 10+ years ago as a kid. Since then I've occasionally gotten back into the game since and always picked up where I left off. Since the last time I stopped playing (a little over a year ago) it seems like someone else got access to my account, and it looks like they may have been botting with it because looking at RuneMetrics it seems like they only ever used the divination skill (which they used excessively). The account is now locked (it does not say banned, and directs me to the account recovery page) but every recovery attempt gets a quick automated email back telling me I need to fill in a bunch of info that actually was included on the original form, except for billing info which there should be none of unless the person using my account added it- I only ever got membership through in game bonds. I don't know if I'm getting the creation info wrong (since it was so long ago) and should keep trying to narrow it down or if I'm being denied for another reason that I'll never be able to do anything about (the lack of billing info or the unauthorized access earning me a ban that the system is just classifying as "locked"). At this point I'd love to be able to actually communicate with someone at customer support instead of getting automated responses all the time, but I'm locked out of the forums and can't post with a new account because of the 12M experience minimum and can't find any other way of contacting them that hasn't been discontinued (the accounthelp email etc.). Am I wasting my time and this account is gone for good? Is there another way I can try and contact support to get better help or at least a more concrete answer?
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