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  1. Today has been a good day. Achto, first boss pet, and defeater title <d
  2. I do agrree, there were always too many threads. And I only really read and posted in the general and help forum :)
  3. You got one? I was thinking of that, but then I had the idea... why not make the picture react to heat? When a warm drink is in there, the option says 'cup of tea'.. and when cold, 'empty cup' THAT is brilliant there I tell you
  4. So when you kill haraken, you get the drop as he dies, during the cutscene then?
  5. Out of all 5 of us, yes Aha. Aha. Stop it. you really shouldn't :) I wish it wasn't so :'(
  6. Raids are hard. Aside from Yomi, do I have the most on tipit?
  7. Did testing Heals 2275 instant Heals 1300 over time Total 3575...
  8. I.. just tested this... and you are indeed correct. It healed me for 2275 rather than 1500+1500
  9. 72 slayer on July 19th 2006... Almost TEN YEARS OLD HOLY FISHSTICKS
  10. Like weapons, drain rate is effected by armor level.I have augmented my achto mage armor (t90), and at lvl 5, it still has a drain rate of around 8/s
  11. I believe the only two options for f2p crafting are gems up to diamond, and hard leather. Gems costing a lot, but also being very fast compared to hard leather
  12. 17/15 WOOO now I can augment and pay stupid lot for inventor gians. Or not. I don't know yet.
  13. Should have tried to mirror the entire scene... but sweet none the less :)
  14. That is odd.. either I mixed something up, or they had changed how it works... again
  15. 16/15 achto! I can think of someone who might be furiously jelly :-)
  16. IIRC, 'hybrid' just gives you a flat boost to all three styles defense. 'all' gives you a similar flat boost, but attempts to equalize all three stats... so if you are mostly geared as range (weak to melee, strong to mage), an 'all' item will give you next to no magic defense, little range defense, and more melee defense. Still, it is weaker than 'hybrid'
  17. Link to rant? I like reading rants!
  18. Chaotics are from dungoneering. With whip, you might want to get an off hand weapon. Off hand crystal dagger would be good. If you do not have any barrows range or mage weapons, you can go for crystal, too. They are all T70. For range, royal crossbow is T80 and one if the best, cheapest weapons you can get. You need to be able to kill the queen black dragon however.
  19. - Do slayer, melee tasks. With lance, you can basically melee anything, because T90 accuracy + slayer bonus.. you won't miss. - Once you are at 90 melees, 99s do not mean very much regarding damage. So feel free to do controlled. - For money, you can camp god wars. Bandos or zammy will make you good money
  20. I just got the ancient elven wedding ring! Twice! BACK TO BACK WHY CAN'T I GET VALUABLE DROPS LIKE THIS??
  21. The only tasks I can think of that do not have 100% accurracy are nihil (if you dont kill the ones weak to your style), kal'geron demons, chaos giants, crystal shapeshifters, and lava strykewyrms (but you don't do those). T90 gloves are better than nex hands down, however they cost a lot more.. so I tend to not use them at all. One thing you might want to invest in is weapon poison. Most of the mobs with higher lp can take poison damage, which is quite significant.
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