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  1. I wouldn't have the slightest clue how to do that :P I can see where you're coming from though! I was just simply curious that is all =)
  2. My roommate saw me playing Runescape and they said that they used to play the game ages ago, anyway they got their laptop and logged into their Runescape account and in the bank they had a christmas cracker. Bearing in mind they haven't actually played the game in Years this is pure luck. It got me thinking because I remember way back then I had a yellow partyhat on my first ever account but I chose to keep it on Runescape classic :/ worst mistake i'v ever made. However I was wondering if people remember names of old players that had partyhats or crackers? that probably don't even play anymore, because it's kinda funny that there is so many people going about their lives with these rares on their accounts that are worth tons. I remember quite a few usernames of people in RSC and early RS2 that had a lot of Partyhats, I remember some f2p noob called "matrix usa" he had a partyhat set, rangepoon99 had a Green Partyhat, Hugoevans had a yellow partyhat, H A R R I had a red partyhat, r2pleasent had quite a few phats he used to be a big merchant back in the day. Kinda weird how I remember all those names, I have a good memory! anyone else remember any? :P
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