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  1. If something goes into GE, it will complete for the oldest and highest offer first. So if you are the first person to put an offer into the GE, at all, period, for 1gp, and someone puts the offer in for 2B after you, no matter what the seller puts it in the GE for it will be sold to the highest offer first :)
  2. I'm not thinking its an elite reward. People have done loads of them without getting it. I'm still hard set on it is a pretty rare reward from doing something while having all 4 levels of luck active.. Perhaps a mob drop, rdt drop, or clues... while having the rabbit foot, ROW/uncharged insignia/potion, charged insignia/enhanced potion, and luck of the dwarves active.
  3. +1 to what Blaze said, they likely moved on from RS. I know there was one guy who I tried to keep in touch with, Axe Man Jack. He made the biggest slayer guide in 2005 when it came out.. Haven't seen him since late 2013. Sent him a PM a few years ago... he either doesn't care, or sadly died :(
  4. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Memorial_to_Guthix
  5. Smited for their user count by #rot
  6. Oh my You know what, I'm glad that this boss requires antipoison. Supreme overload salves are useful!
  7. Are you logging into RS3 or oldschool? If you logged into oldschool, your account starts over again..
  8. Had you tried to re-enter the same way you got in the first time?
  9. For mage/range, scrimshaw of elements/cruelty For melee, sara or arma book For P5/10/11 of vorago, god book For god books, if the NPC doesn't move, armadyl. If they DO move, sara
  10. Check out the friends chat Boss School
  11. Finally finished true 30/15 achto.... But it is 32 pieces. Oh well. I like extra plates :)
  12. It takes about 5 minutes of pickpocketing before they catch you. At most you would be able to cycle between four clans with 0 downtime (assuming you dont start pickpocketing/moving on asap)
  13. All items, including the four dyes? Daym... Also I did a thing I was doing a clue. No idea I was so close.
  14. Only two pieces of gilded... wow. Also I saw 'I'm a Papaya" get a boss pet.. I added them thinking it was you. I felt bad :|
  15. 1. Yes, 40 wax to double it (1 hr max) 2. Yes, its damage is just like a damage scrimshaw
  16. Oww.... Sorry for your loss. At least it wasn't to a black/white knight! On another note Three achto drops away from true 30/30
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