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  1. Melos


    Wait, how do you do that? I would also like to support this site and keep it going for years to come.
  2. Melos


    Today I'm going to play catch up on everything because I've been out of town on travel for the past 4 days.
  3. League of Legends, but I'm seriously getting bored of it. I need to find a new game to play ;/.
  4. Melos


    Today my head was swimming so I have no idea what I did X.X.
  5. I cannot resist the cat. Had to vote for Goonstalf :L...
  6. Yes, it actually shows who has been online recently in the high scores list. As of today, there's 20 characters that were recently online. Considering a player can have at maximum 2 characters active at a time, that means at least 10 people have been playing recently, if not more.
  7. Melos


    The link to ArenaScape is back up! Woot woot! So yes, today I'll be playing that ;) .
  8. Melos


    For those that are interested in playing this game, the link is: Right now the domain needs to be renewed but the game is still playable :) .
  9. Melos


    Frostedbeast - If you see this, can you kick DanielHammersong? I just noticed that there is a bug probably due to him being accepted while in the Barracks... It doesn't let DanielHammersong see anyone in the clan and acts as if he hasn't joined The Arena Exodus, but when I try to re-apply, it says "You are already in a clan!"... I will try to re-apply with him after he gets kicked, so if you can pm me here when you see this, that would be great! Thanks!
  10. I wish Silverion would come back and just renew the ArenaScape domain... Very few people play it now probably because they didn't know that there is another way to access it, which is a real shame... Btw, if you are interested in playing ArenaScape, made by one of the creators of tip.it, it's at:
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