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  1. Spectra


    Ah alright, thank you so much! Sorry about getting a wee bit off topic.
  2. Spectra


    Yeah, she definitely was a she. Does the tip.it vs. Zybez war still occur?
  3. It was such a wonderful game, very simple and amusing.
  4. Spectra


    Ah, the reason I enjoyed it was it only had to be "bothered" with every few days, so most of the time I'd check it twice a week while browsing tip.it. Also, I know this isn't relevant to the discussion but what ever happened to Lightning?
  5. Spectra


    So I've learned that Arenascape's forum was killed and was sent here to look for other survivors. Anyone remember or still play?
  6. That was very informative. Thank you very much for helping me. :) EDIT: Ah I see, thanks for moving my topic to the appropriate sub-section, sorry about my misplacement.
  7. Hiya. I haven't been around here in quite a long time (perhaps 5 years). I'm looking for the Arenascape sub-section since I stumbled upon it again.
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