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  1. While doing the tasks, I only got PK'd twice. Once while I was at revents (o no I lose sharks) and a second time at mage arena, where I just freedomed and got into the bank. I'd suggest to get the warbands task done ASAP while everyone is rushing it. You really only need to loot 1 supply. Thats it. Just loot it. The rest of the tasks are easy
  2. I think the only tipit oldie I could remember would be Leesters... I remember they had an event where everyone PK'd in the wildy multi to see if the glitch where you would skull from auto retaliate in multi.. That must had been mid 2005.. :)
  3. Tim and Crunchy are nice... but their unmoving expressions were a tad.. unnerving during the quest... especially with their chat heads..
  4. Come back for the quests, absolutely. Maybe you would like to try out oldschool runescape as well. It has the old style dragon armor, too
  5. 83000 kills and 10 rare drops. It is more common to get a third age dye, and druidic piece from a clue than to get a drop from this guy.
  6. For sure buy a godsword (any, bandos is cheapest, but sara is best), for ranged, you can use a black salamder or a royal crossbow if you think you can kill QBD, and mage, a wand of treachery with the highest level off hand is your best bet
  7. Well.... everyone doesn't use blue.
  8. You realize I can't read this?
  9. Just use hurricane, quake, meteor strike, and zerk whenever they are off cooldown
  10. They don't have customer service unless you are a popular streamer or are an Emily :\
  11. This was an unexpected event, both in oldschool and rs3... wouldn't anyone say? Also Planet Hell :)
  12. Yeah, VPNs are safe. I do all my internety business from my VPN now :) Though, it is indeed sad you had gotten banned. I don't know of any other ways you could contact a Jmod sadly :(
  13. I skimmed it, it looks nice.. but people will not click on a link in a pastebin.. Consider putting it raw in pastebin
  14. I've been using a VPN for about 8 months now, and haven't gotten banned. That said, I also don't bot. But to answer your question no. You are SOL in getting your account unbanned, sadly.
  15. It tracks your xp gained per day/week... though on BXP weekends the site crashes because it can't handle all the traffic.
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