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  1. I am looking for the anagram Soy Drain 07/29/20017 edit: found her, Ysondria: near the Nexus Lumbridge swamp
  2. Where is the guide for Memory strands? I've looked in places where clues lead and there is no indication of how to get to new engram echo. An updated divination guide or new mini game guide would be most helpful and appreciated.
  3. that may be the problem. I have another hard task that is a puzzle from him that I am having a hard time solving.
  4. I've received a hard treasure trail scroll that has LAND DOOMD . This should be od old man, but he doesn't react. all I get is mumble mumble from his bone sack and him telling me "sorry thats not what I need". Whjat do I do now?
  5. duhh, that would be the easy way. thanks for pointing that out. (not sarcasm to you, just me being dumb again) thanks for the info.
  6. Do they have to be injured first? is it that I'm using it on them when they're healed not helping?
  7. Need help with the last easy task. How do I heal one of the Wizards to he south? Tryed casting like spell on them and they just attacked me back. What is the spell to use to heal?
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