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  1. Never happened to me before. Both highest/lowest are on 2. Anyone experienced this?
  2. Not an interesting picture really, but I just met a new player on Runescape. I think it's cool to meet new people, and I hope he gets many great memories in this game! As a player from 2005 I find it weird (but cool) to meet people who started playing in 2017. Great to see Runescape still attract new players.
  3. Haven't been playing a lot the past year. Is this any rare?
  4. I am really struggling with this wave. I have become better, as I have beaten Nomad and Gregorovic a couple of times, but I have little to no food when I face Linza which makes this fight really difficult. I use full Bandos because I can't afford 80 tier or 90 tier armour (I have 40 mill). Any recommendations on what armour/weapon I should replace? Stats: Attack: 94 Strenght: 95 Defence: 90 Constitution: 95 Prayer: 96 Magic: 98 Ranged: 94 Eqipment: Drygore Longsword Bandos Helmet, Chestplate, Tassets and Boots Fire Cape Amulet of Fury Culinaromancer Gloves Sixth-Age Circuit Dragonfire Shield (also tried Divine Spirit Shield, but it drains my Prayer too fast). Items: 1 Overload 2 Super Restores 1 Enchanced Excalibur Rocktails in inventory + inside pack yak
  5. From 80-99 or something like that I only used charms on dailies. Didn't pay too much for one of the most expensive skill.
  6. I'm 21, please tell me I'm not the only one.
  7. I have just returned to RS after this update. But how does the pking work now? Like what happends if I use legacy mode, and my enemy use eoc?
  8. Hello! I played Runescape for the first time in 2004 or 2005. I loved the old Runescape, I loved the challenge this game gave me and I made a lot of good friends. I would love to play the old Runescape, but is it really worth it? Is it worth levelling all over again, and do many people still play it? 14k people are online on osrs at this point, but how many of them are actually legit players? My friend told me there are many bots on osrs. I would love to play osrs and do all the nostalgic quests all over again, and do some old school pking. But is it worth playing it, or will osrs die soon? I haven't played Runescape since September/October last year.
  9. I'll have you know I started with this at 86 Agility, and I'm still 86 Agility, and I've killed myself only 5 times so far.
  10. Hello guys! I started making Runescape commentaries a week ago and I really enjoy it. The only problem is that I struggle to find out what RS videos I should make. Should I make boss videos? PK videos? Also I struggle to find out what to talk about. What are people really interested in? Should I talk about the actual game or should I talk about something from IRL? I'm speaking non-stop when making these videos, but I have to re-record many times because I suddenly have no idea what to say. And I do my best to prepare my speech before making the vids. If you wanna help me and tell me what I should improve I would be really happy if you could watch my videos on my channel: http://www.youtube.c...RSVideos/videos I don't try to advertise or something, I just wanna have some tips on how to improve my videos, and what RS videos I should make and what to talk about. If it's illegal to post a link to my Youtube channel please remove the link. Thank you! :)
  11. Hello! I have recently started making Runescape commentaries which I find really enjoyful. However, I have a small problem with my mic when I say specific letters like "P". Whenever I say words with the "P" in it, the mic is making static noises which is really annoying, both for me and my viewers. I'm using a headset. May this be the problem? Should I get a stand-up mic, and not use the mic on my headset? Any suggestion on what mic I should get? Would really appreciate it!
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