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  1. Quite interesting that this thread survived so long with no posts. Guess no one really posts much in this section of the forum... http://www.freeibforums.com/forums/inde ... ds&act=idx Check out the forums if you managed to lose the link. Also, new users welcome, a fresh flow of ideas and opinions is nice now and then.
  2. :thumbsup: thats a decent tactict, lol. Oh well, this was nothing more than a fast solution to boredom, so it's not that important that I set a record. And even if I did, it would quicky fall into obscurity as people wouldn't care eenough to remember. Oh well. Either keep this up or find something else to do (other than the normal skills and killing i do). Oh well (i need a hobby) :-k
  3. Simply brilliant. Loved them. Especially the mentos one. HILARIOUS! I laughed for like, 5 minutes straight on that 1. Keep them comin dude!
  4. tried again today, but didn't fare as well. Maybe I will try later, or maybe give up. Here's a quick pic I grabbed just outside of fally, and we had 6 people. Once we got to varrock, we got more people, but they mysteriously disappeared around the time we got to varrock center... But they were part of the train considering we looped around behind the bank and went through the anvils, but lost almost all of them once we passed the staff shop. Here's the screenie from just as we left fally (you can see me better in this 1, and I had the same stuff from last night) Any ideas (short from offering cash) on how I could get more people? Or does any1 want to join up in advance? I logged just a little east of Falador's general store, so when I log back on, I'd be there. Feel free to drop me a PM or post here if you are interested in helping break the record. If we get at least 20 ppl, I'd be satsified, but the more the merrier, right?
  5. woah, I didnt even know about that! Well, a challenge none the less right? So where can I find the most recent size of the "freak trains"? I'd like to know how big mine would have to be... What if some1 managed to get 1 that could loop through every major F2P city, then reconnect? So you have people from Lumby, to Varrock, to Fally, a quick stop in Draynor, and back again? That would be a lot of people!
  6. dude, you can do a similar trick with any book that brings up the book when you read. If you have a book on your screen, go to spells and click a telly you cant use (either for lack of lvl or runes) and you will lose the book menu/screen and your guy will stand their with the book out. A lot of people know this, and people do this all the time to joke about what they are "reading"... The security notes are currently the only one I have tried that leaves you like that if you click the X.
  7. Well, tonight (out of sheer boredom) I was standing in Varrock Square by the castle wall with my holiday items at hand. Getting bored of my yo-yo and rubber chicke, and completely ignoring the more recent items, I casually stated talking with some people nearby. Soon after we decided to go hang out somewhere, and we left varrock in a small train. Half-way to Barbarian Village (just about where Gertude's house is for you members out there) I had an idea. Why not try to make a super long train? So all the way to fally, the train and I (at about 5 people to start) started saying "join the record train!" Sure enough people joined, and when we hit fally, we accumulated at least twice as many ppl. So, I quickly took a screenie (see below) just before we hit the south gate of Fally (you can see the holiday items I mentioned, but I am kinda hidden behind some guy) Well here is the first pic (and only pic) I managed to grab: As you can see, we managed to get a decent number of people. Sadly, a moment later as we passed throught the gate, almost every1 disappeared except for myself and 1 person. I'm guessing they might have gotten logged out by the system or abandoned the train. So here's my new plan: Create a bigger and better train. If you ever find me on world 57 (always play there) feel free to join the train! Our ultimate goal is to create the larest train ever made in F2P RS history, being able to loop through all major cities! So post any comments on this, joni up in advance, keep this up at top, anything except pure flaming.
  8. Definately a good time to play. Especially since I find I am usually more productive at night (perhaps a lesser form of vampirism? lol jk), I tend to play at night. And yea, ppl on at night tend to be less whiney and less chance of scamming than the idiots during sunlight.
  9. I totally have been thinking the same thing since I started playing. The generic mould thing is so true. A lot of my friends focus on getting strong and trying to do stuff before me. And you know what, thats fine. I would rather enjoy the game. A game should be like a chocolate bar. You want to savor it. Not finish it as fast as you can as if you were being forced to eat crap. :-k Well thats wasnt the best way of putting it, but it gets the point across. People try fitting every1 into a certain type of player. Basically, you are a single type of player. Well, I say forget them. I do whatever I freakin' please people! You want me to be a certain type of person I am not? =; Dont go any further and leave. I don't want to be moulded or judged by the players for what I do in a game. I'd rather just have a "world existance" toggle and turn it off. Leave me alone if what you have to say is completely unrelated to what I'm doing, and it will all be fine.
  10. This disgusts me. I almost feel as though I should start playing WoW. But I'm broke so I can't afford to buy it. Anyways: @ TheRat: I usually am a very WELL MANNERED person, and I never flame ANYBODY. But you seemed to TAKE SIDES W/ HIM :!: Honestly, I think that he should get banned. A rollback would please some people, but imagine the people who have been training since then. My friend got his construction up some more levels recently, plus added in more rooms. A rollback would destroy that work. He would have lost precious moments of his LIFE that he will never get back. A rollback might seem like the best answer, but it will only cause more! Imagine, now that word of this glitch got out, imagine all the new "glitchers" searching for their "keys to 'legends status'" like Durial got. Imagine the number of people who will benefit from the rollback. I'll tell you who they are, and they aren't people you want to benefit. Rollbacks mean loss of time. Loss of effort. Loss of faith in Jagex. Rollbacks should be for massive problems, such as a system crash that resets accounts and gives everyone access to Staff abilities. But some PKed people (now matter how unfair it was) don't have enough importance in my eyes to set everyone back about 2 days to just allow them to get useless hats back. A true faithful RS player would not look at this as a curse nor a punishment, but rather as a new goal. A new reason to work again, if you will. I (as a non-member), keep myself busy by setting mini-goals, personal quests even. One of my past goals, as most people's was at some point, was to get full rune. I got close but didn't get all of it. I even sold some of it, but thats fine. I'm working right back at it again anyways. Some people seriously need to remember what they are complaining about. Little small pieces of JAVA coding that create colored graphics that look like a little paper crown. Is a small piece of JAVA code that offers no practical use other than saying: "I'm rich in this GAME, so I wasted my GAME money on a little worthless GAME hat that offers no use at all!" I say it's not. I say going and wiping the progress made in the past day or so is not worth some whiners getting a worthless piece of JAVA code back into their bank. It just doesn't make sense. If by any chance any Jagex guys read this, please consider these facts. (I honestly doubt Jagex will look here, but they can suprise you...) If you agree with me, great. If not, let me have it. I feel I made my point. Add to it, flame it, agree, disagree, it's your life. Live it how YOU want. Not how some whiners want it to be. Markus111112 wrote: this whole "maturity" thing is so freaking pointless, anyone that plays runescape would have done the exact same thing as durial did. News Flash: Actually, PKers would have. A "MATURE" player would have reported the bug to prevent such an event.
  11. That does clear up a lot, but I still stick to my believe that Zezima and all those other 99 in every skill people are just over-rated. Sure, give them some credit for hard-work, but it isn't a contest, it's a game. Enjoy it. If hard-working players find lvl 99 is relaxing, let them have it. But honestly, the real people who actually help others and don't get all the attention are the true masters in some ways. But whatever, Zezima, good job.
  12. Glen Quagmire. Name 3 countries that Peter invites the leaders of over in the episode: "Petoria".
  13. well, most suggestions are on gandalf's forum now. That would be a good spot to catch his attention considering we don't head back to Tip.It to use the forums much... but I will see what i can do.
  14. Sry guys, but I've been really busy with other stuff so I haven't been able to pay attention to this that much... Go ahead and play without me, I'll pop in every so often to check on stuff and such, but other than that you are on your own, sry.
  15. Release date = July 20, 2006 or so, so be on the lookout! Be sure to check the forum and site out, it's going to be huge!
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