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  1. well u could be some carts out side and its filled with coins and stuff with a sign saying "donate to the poor"
  2. bump pls keep this alive :(
  3. my muscles :(((...lol...y did u stuff up my arm?
  4. im 4'11 lol...im 13 what do u expect >.< looks like im shortest #-o
  5. i can help..im good at shading
  6. how am i suppose to no..i didnt even know he had msn...>.< -.-
  7. ahh...the good old days...dont u miss them :(
  8. ur Back!!!! .....omfgozs i have waited for this moment :ohnoes: :oops: ...god i loved ur work of art..most people didnt like u that much cause of u using "pillow shading"...well i still like u :)..welcome back and this time i hope u stay...overall the best one i think is the last one the "overall im a nice guy one" lmao..lol ur sigs rock! p.s Sire Alex do u still have the sig with the subliminal message lmao?
  9. hey ssxisfun... Panic at the Disco lmao...nice goals hope u acheive them
  10. is it a glitch or not?..i was reading the stronghold note sbook but when i clicked close it looked like i was still reading
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