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  1. take your time, i'm looking forward to it though! Thanks a bunch!
  2. sorry, it is very early in the morning. But i would still love too see it !
  3. I would love a potrait done.. I'm not sure if you do digi painting, but if so i'd prefer that! Here's the picture, i was thinking having a crazy abstract background? [hide=][/hide] I'll leave it up to the artist ;)
  4. Thats looking pretty sweet so far!! We're stoked to see the next update! CD release tomorrow :thumbsup: Wish us luck!
  5. Is there anyone that would be interested in re-creating 2 or 3 of the group of seven paintings? and if not is there some tutorials on digi painting to help me do so?
  6. wicked TIA, thanks alot! I'll be watching this thread very closely :)
  7. Anyone online that digi-paints? I need some help..
  8. That's completely fine with me! Thank you for attempting this. xxbamxx and Your Shallow Grave http://www.myspace.com/yourshallowgrave
  9. Bump. Anybody willing to try this please? our band is in need.. Check us out! www.myspace.com/yourshallowgrave
  10. Um, a size around 600x600 would be good.. and honestly colours don't matter to us.. Black and white would be fine..
  11. I Need A Logo Design For My Band. It Should Be Very Simple.. Our Genre Is Based On: Metal/Death Metal/Hardcore Must Contain The Letters " YSG " Any Other Details Are Left To The Creator.. Any Questions Just Post :D
  12. Posion the well - Nerdy ( First Breakown I heard ) Underoath - Older Stuff ( Heart of Stone ) In These Walls - (Local Band, first show i seen was hooked ever since) www.myspace.com/inthesewalls
  13. - The Holly Springs Disaster - Dead And Divine - Alexisonfire That's all i'm sure of right now.. Probably more coming later on haha.
  14. I infact play RS, and have been for about 6 years now.. I ALSO infact, am a vocalist in a metal band.. I think people may base RS around life to much, anybody can like a computer game, can they not? Ps. My bands myspace if anyone cares to listen? www.myspace.com/yourshallowgrave
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