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  1. Uhm, it looks like Dark Wizard circle south of Varrock, but it ain't it. The thing in the character's hand looks like a kind of bird, so it might be summoning-related. Also, the Summoning Quest is supposed to start in Taverly, and the druids there have a hate/hate-relationship with the Dark Wizards. The Herblore-quest required us to do something bad to the Dark Wizards, IIRC. EDIT: And the picture on the altar looks a bit like a kind of dragon, maybe a Hydra? Interesting... That is in fact the varrock circle. To put the whole thing to rest here is why. Here is the picture in question (note the highlighting squares). Here is where those squares would align to on the actual map. The road shapes and tree placements fit to the map as well as the aforementioned wheat field. If this still hasn't convinced you take a look at The demon slayer kbase article So as you can see that is just the varrock circle for the demon slayer quest.
  2. I prefer if you don't spam Lol? your taking shots in the dark at this, youll most likely all be wrong anyways. Take lemejas advice. If you don't like it, then don't post in it. People have a right to discuss their thoughts on future updates without being attacked. Back on subject though, I am gonna have to say that it will probably be a random rune altar. The chance for someone to craft runes better than what they normally can.
  3. When rune armor hasn't been around as long as your account (or banks that take stuff besides gp for that matter).
  4. I did indeed notice this. Before I discovered runescape I had a typing speed of roughly 10-20 wpm and had to write general math equations out. Now my typing speed is roughly 60-80 wpm and I can spit out the answers to massive general math problems right out of my head in seconds (for example 1,264,344 + 348,201 (which by the way is 1,612,545)). Runescape is certainly quite good at aiding basic skills. And nobody should be putting down those basic skills as they are the foundation of everything above them.
  5. back in the days of good ole classic I remember running into a guy named ttlynotascmr
  6. They would probably look really cool with a set of beefy dragon plate mail...only one problem...dragon plate mail is a bit...shall we say...difficult to come by
  7. apparently a fish-egged prayer potion can restore up to around 35 points a dose (the downside being it can also restore as few as 7). I also noticed that a few of the potions give bonus effects (such as extended poison immunity).
  8. I am pretty sure that my way of money making wont be threatened by autoers, that is until they find a way to survive the dark beasts.
  9. The 126s would win, unless... ok instead of level 3s make it 126 level 9s (1 to all stats except 46 to prayer for retribution). Have them turn on prayer, equip ring of recoil, and have a single lunar mage start casting vengeance on them all. Can you say Kamikaze? :twisted:
  10. I saw all those amusing pictures that mix real life with runescape so I decided to have a go. What do you think?
  11. I feel that some things need clarifying and there are too many of them spread out so I am just going to go through them instead of quote each one. Zaros/Zamorak is the god of evil: Actually they are the gods of chaos. As any good Dungeons and Dragons fan can tell you, evil and chaos are two very different things. Zaros was the original lord of chaos, when Zamorak overthrew him, He took his place as the lord of chaos. This goes along with the other misconception that Saradomin is the god of good. Saradomin is in fact a god of law. We actually do not see either the gods of good or evil mentioned directly. However it is likely that the god of good is Armadyl. And while we know even less about a god of evil, we could make the educated guess that the god of evil is none other than the destroyer (though it could likewise be someone else). Zaros must have been weak to have been defeated by lowly Zamorak: It wasn't so much Zamorak as it was Armadyl's staff that took Zaros down. Armadyl from the little we hear of him was an extremely powerful god, and so an artifact of his could have been fully capable of taking down someone like Zaros. Oh and on a side note to someone who posted earlier, the majjharat are not human no more than a dragon is. The majjharat are a seperate species that Zaros brought over from fenskrae. And yes the majjharat are probably the ones that brought over the dragon weapons. I actually theorize that the dragonkin are from fenskrae and that the majjharat named the weapons after them either from respect at their power or because it is actually made from them or their children (like dragonhide armor is). Guthix isn't a god because he can't kick the others out: Guthix hasn't not kicked them out from a lack of power, but because he is using them to balance his plane of existence. He doesn't mind if they have their little squabbles, as long as they remain within the balance. As you may recall, the god wars between zamorak and saradomin woke guthix. And when he got up and made them stop, they stopped. Instead of just ejecting anything that could upset balance (which would create a very dead world; shivering isles post-jyggylag for you oblivion fans) he allows things to grow and flourish and fight for supremacy as long as they remain in balance and no one actually achieves supremacy.
  12. I think it should be made against the rules under harassment. About 80% of the problems I run into in runescape is things involving people harassing others. It ruins the spirit of the game and needs to stop.
  13. As originally posted by me on the rs forums (Quick find code: 24-25-272-45733281) --- I am sure many of us have gone through this. You need to sell something on one of the market worlds (1 or 2) or you have a friend waiting for you but the world they are on is full. So you have to either give up and come back later or reload the worlds page until you get lucky. Well I have another possibility. Something that many other heavily visited places on the web use. The waiting que/que line. Essentially what it would do is when you clicked on a world that was full it would take you to a page that would ask you for the username and the password of your account. Once entered correctly it would load the next page (if done incorrectly it would let you know and allow you to try again). On the next page there would be a little area that said "You are currently in line for world x, there are y players waiting ahead of you. The number would update periodically so that you would know about how long until you got in. Once you got in it would take the data you had entered for your name and password and use that to automatically log you in. This of course would only matter for a world that showed up as full. Any other world would load like it does now (or perhaps you could move the login page that shows how many messages you have/when you last logged in/etc to there and have all the worlds work like that, but without the wait). This way getting into full worlds wouldn't be a race where the luckiest or those with the best computer normally win. There would be a steady flow in and out and each could wait their turn making it far more fair for everyone. --- Feel free to post your thoughts here, but if you support this don't forget to visit the post on the rs forums (via the quick find code) and say that you support it on there.
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