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  1. Pshh I've been doin that since i was 4, My gran taught me :mrgreen:
  2. Yeah, we all agree the 126s would win, please include what you think it would take to tip the scales to the lvl 3s
  3. Lmao, me too like grunts vs da masta cheif :XD: I think he means Spartan Soldiers (Battle of Thermopile, Film: 300 etc.) :D Ohhh, yeah history isn't my stong point :-#
  4. Im changing the conditions since everyone is saying 126s lol, please look at the ps on the original post
  5. good questions, you guys can set your own conditions if you want to tip the scales, but i think with food 126s have a huge advantage
  6. Ill count that as a vote for the 126's :mrgreen:
  7. Lmao, me too like grunts vs da masta cheif :XD:
  8. Yeah, its kind of a classic quantity vs quality battle...
  9. Hey guys, this question has been floating around the RS forums so I thought I'd post it here :D: Who would win in a fight, 126 level 3 players or 3 level 126 players. Please just leave who you think would win, for the sake of a good argument, lets say neither teams have armor or weapons, but the 126s can use prayer :lol:. I know I for one would pay a few K if Jagex would let something like this play out :thumbsup: . Votes lvl 126's win: 8 lvl 3's win: PS: Since so far this is a little one sided *cough cough* i think im going to change a few conditions, the 126s can't use prayer or food or pots, ect... the lvl 3s DO have iron armor and iron weapons, 126s have nothing. Also, If you think that the 126s would win, please include a situation where the 126's would have an even match, for example lvl 10s instead of lvl 3's or 300 lvl 3s.
  10. Oh Emm Gees Dusty! your so famous im getting watershed fame fro having a quote in your sig. People are acually quoting to me: " Chicks dig capes with wateringcans on them" So i devised a plan, you need to sponser me by putting pics of me on your sig, that way i can be famous too , Im thinkin maybe something like me in those little blue shorts, maybe its too skimpy, how about me with a frog bazooka to make me look tuffz0rs..... :-k Ill think about it and get back to you. PS. I just got the name 'The Suite Life of Zach and Cody'....its not really too funny is it.... -.-
  11. Eek! You know my plan! I've been wondering where you've got to! Indeed... Yeah, I got intestly bored of RS, and I came back to check on red mask prices agian and realized i missed it lmao.... :XD:
  12. So we meet again Dusty..... I'm thinking ill start playing again, cause 3 days into summer im bored outta my skull, Anywho... Just though i'd check you on the highscores and guess what I saw? You are ranked 666 in farming! So, Dusty, or shall I call you Lucifer, I know your plan. To cover the world with human-eating plants :x, that.... or... this is a coincidence and my years of watching Little Shop of Horrors are catching up to me. To sum that up: Dusty smells (thats right i have super enhanced vision from years of watching Little Shop of Horrors from the back row of a huge theater :shock:).
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