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  1. 4/10 for 99 thieving but 9/10 for all the other stats combined with it.
  2. Pretty easy 0/10 Eh, I don't see you with 99 woodcutting. How, then, can you comment? :thumbdown: you don't need to be 99 wc to know how easy the skill is, it's basically the same thing from level 1. grats on 99 wc Plus that's not even it. Cape hunters get low rates from The Guas.
  3. In b4 gilformenn comes in and touches himself thinking about his 99 Magic, and how you can *officially* share his greatness.
  4. 10/10, I can feel the quit coming on soon myself (again lol). Need to dedicate my time to my future and Runescape isn't my future.
  5. In b4 gilformen comes in and touches himself while referencing how the both of you have 99 Magic. OT: 7/10, 99 Magic rules.
  6. Armadyl is better than 3a Range, and cooler looking. 3a Melee is sweet looking and pretty good/a bit better than Bandos. Could I buy 3a Melee on the GE or would I have to junk trade for it?
  7. 7/10, also, in before gilformen tells you how awesome it is to have 99 Magic.
  8. Lol.. jealous nub. Somebody has better Runescape stats than I, he can join the other 100,000 or so people that do. I'm not jealous, surprise surprise. My priorities are elsewhere. :lol:
  9. That sucks, iv heard some people got in 20 kills. Remember when what's his face got the first Dark Bow in Runescape on the first Dark Beast killed after it was released? Then sold it for 50m to some idiot? Good memories.
  10. In 16-20 days you could've made over 100m and gotten your level. So for cape lust you get a 3/10.
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