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  1. blaah


    SeanyTheBear says hi. No he doesn't. But he did to me. He also told me baby making is like build a bear workshop for babies.
  2. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ^_^

  3. Hey Goon, can we use Goon Points to get on your good side?
  4. the realities of the past are perplexing

  5. blaah

    Pros & Cons

    Pro: When acting as an other, you discover more about yourself AND the other Con: Might be a little difficult and uncomfortable. yo dis my thread, sweet Anyway.. Thunderstorms
  6. blaah

    Pros & Cons

    Pro: It's fun to say like a pirate Con: Disease and whatnot. having 10 days until winter break
  7. sandy genitalia gestapo, quit stealing my friends

  8. oh, if they switch to Tebow my mom will NOT be happy. She loves Mark Sanchez. didn't watch any of the Bears game tonight, had class and things to do. but I dislike the Cowboys so good for the Bears winning even though that has them tied with the Vikes in the NFC North but us purple wearers should all be extremely happy anyway and there's still 13 more weeks of regular season foooootball
  9. So how bout dem Vikings? Also, Marcus Sherels graduated from my high school so everyone I know got all extra excited by his return. AP looks good today, Percy is a beast, and dat defense double denying the lions in the end zone was nice, along with what just happened- sack on Stafford on 4th and 5. This so makes my day.
  10. it wasn't even that ugly, it was just 'good enough' play through most of the game and great hustle at the end to save it. they needed that hustle last year.
  11. oh man. the Vikings have trained me to watch until the very last second of the game. 20 seconds left Jaguars took the lead, 4 seconds left dat 55 yard field goal to tie it up. let's see what happens here in overtime...
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