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  1. After 24 losing tickets (12 each week)... thanks, Treasure Hunter! feelsgoodman (Sorry, Gradeskip!)
  2. There's a lot of fun Farming glitches at the moment: [hide] [/hide]
  3. Uhhhh. Personal record for most yields from one patch o.O Juju + Legendary greenfinger aura.
  4. Heya :D For the Mort Myre coordinate clue at 05.37 N 31.15 E, the coordinate guide says: "Mort Myre Swamp, on the Nature Grotto island, just North of the tree. You must have started the Nature Spirit Quest to get into Mort Myre Swamp. If you bring food, bring druid pouch(es). Saradomin wizard will attack. Note: You cannot use familiars on the island, as it is a Summoning free zone." Whether it's a glitch or just an update, I'm not sure, but it looks like you can bring familiars with you now. :) Cheers, - Serpent Eye
  5. 26th birthday yesterday; went out to eat (pizza om nom nom) with my family and some friends. (I'm on the right in the white shirt.)
  6. Noticed it was missing from Item DB. :) Legendary greenfingers aura Examine: Prevents crops from disease, whilst active, and grants a chance to harvest more crops. Weight: 0.00 kg High/Low alchemy: N/A Tier 5 aura. Upgraded from Supreme greenfingers aura for 119,000 Loyalty Points. Provides a 15% chance of increased crop yields. Active for 20 minutes with 1 Hour cooldown. Edit: Forgot to check the combat stats, but seeing as the others don't provide any... :-D Cheers. :)
  7. Grats! Also, you should lock your door(s) so your neighbors can't just randomly barge into your house?????
  8. Same issues here. http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/runescape.com Edit: You can also try going to http://world##.runescape.com/game and just replace the ## with what world you want.
  9. Half a King by Joe Abercrombie. [hide][/hide] I think this is unofficially geared more towards a YA audience, so there is less (though still a lot!) violence/gore, sex/nudity, and gratuitous profanity than his other work, but I'm still really enjoying it. Sadly the book is a lot shorter than his other work, too, so it's almost done. :(
  10. Serpent Eye


    Today I retired as owner of HYT Friend Chat after several great years running it. Loved all the good times with old friends and new faces, but on to other adventures! \:D/
  11. Good to hear ! Oh god. Is EMR even around still? I haven't seen him in years and years. I remember him, very cool guy, was gone one day and never came back though :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: i'm very much alive. doing better than i have been in a long time actually. how are you? (uber late reply :P) I'm well! Work work work work work working like crazy. Glad you're alive. :thumbup:
  12. Footprints of Thunder by James F. David and Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey.
  13. The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie. :thumbup: Followed by the rest of that series, and then the rest of his books. I got a bit absorbed with Netflix/video games, so I went a while without reading like I normally do. Just now been getting back into the swing of things. Recently I've read: In the Shadow of Man by Jane Goodall Through a Window by Jane Goodall Island 731 by Jeremy Robinson Claymore, vol. 22 by Norihiro Yagi (manga totally counts) Hope for Animals and Their World: How Endangered Species are Being Rescued from the Brink by Jane Goodall The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary: A True Story of Resilience and Recovery by Andrew Westoll My Friends The Wild Chimpanzees by Jane Goodall For unexplained reasons, I am obsessed with all things chimpanzee as of late... I just feel myself being called to help somehow, so I'm reading everything I can get my hands on. Currently reading Lord of Souls by Greg Keyes. It's the sequel to his first book, both set in the world of The Elder Scrolls games. :thumbup: Almost done reading it... it's very good and engrossing.
  14. I think you mean your "friends" look like they've been Photoshopped into the picture. You were really foreveralone.
  15. Oh god. Is EMR even around still? I haven't seen him in years and years.
  16. Serpent Eye


    I read that as "I just got out of mad debt...NOW I HAVE SO MUCH MORE DEBT TO ACCUMULATE" Buying things with a credit card when I couldn't afford to pay off that credit card put me in debt. Buying things with cash that I have spare cash for won't put me in debt. ??????? No debt.
  17. Serpent Eye


    Don't you just love getting a nice big tax refund every year? It's like getting to hit the reset button on all your bills. In the year's past it's been great because I just splurged and bought anything I wanted (new computer, Xbox 360, HD TV, etc.) but this year I was actually really excited to do something useful and meaningful with it. I should have paid my credit card off last year, but I wanted Skyrim/new Xbox/TV instead so I went that route. This year I figured enough was enough, and I'd take care of important stuff first. It's also been a bit tough since my rent is so expensive, and I have a decent-sized car payment every month. Between rent or a car, I've been late/avoiding my car payment, so it was also great to be able to pay both of them without having to worry about one of them! I was also a bit too poor (I like to be generous towards my family with my money) during Christmas 2012 and I couldn't buy a single person a gift, so now that the credit card business was taken care of, I'm going to do some surprise Christmas-in-February for everyone. :) After all THAT is done, if I have some money left (which I should, yay!!!) I'll look at getting "fun"/impulse items for myself. May get an iPhone finally, or another tattoo. :thumbup:
  18. Serpent Eye


    Got my federal/state returns today (or rather, I just noticed that I got them. IRS didn't email me to notify me they were deposited into my account >.>) Paid off my credit card IN ONE FULL SWOOP and am soooo happy to be done with that.
  19. In the Shadow of Man by Jane Goodall. One of my favorite passages so far... perhaps won't mean too much to anyone given it's out of greater context. Mike is the dominate male (with a bit of a temper at times) chimpanzee of the group, and Flo is this grumpy old and toothless female (and not to leave out Flint, who is her newborn!) The whole group has just built their nests out of leaves and branches and are taking a lazy midday nap:
  20. Serpent Eye


    Don't snap. Job hunting isn't always easy, and there may be a lot more to an employer's hiring criteria than you would imagine. As a friend I hope you know I don't mean anything bad by this, but just based off of my experiences as a senior manager at my work (and I was in charge of all interviews/hiring for well over a year) I would suggest you look at how you are selling yourself to potential employers, rather than wondering "why they keep picking other people" or questioning their hiring decisions. If someone who has less outright qualifications than you (ie, not being able to answer any questions about a product) gets hired, they are obviously doing/saying something else in their interview to win the favor of the interviewer. You should be confident when you interview. Don't ever lie, but you should give the impression that you know you have the skills it takes to do the job. Illustrate your point with past experiences/situations you've been in that have used those skills. Don't fidget around (playing with a pen or paper that might be in front of you, etc.) Maintain eye contact with the person interviewing you (don't be a creep and stare them blankly in the eye the entire time... I mean, just don't be looking down or avoiding making eye contact.) If they ask you a question, don't give short, one- or two-word answers. A lot of times I've hired someone over someone else simply because one of them (say they were equally qualified otherwise) was able to hold a conversation with me and trying to get them to talk wasn't like extracting a tooth. I could go on and on, but my point is, it isn't always a black-and-white process of "This person met this requirement, let's hire them."
  21. Serpent Eye


    :) And yeah... my high school taught me (as far as the "real" world/work force) how to make a generic resume, and that was it.
  22. Serpent Eye


    When you file, doesn't it allow you to dispute (not sure of the right word to use... I skipped over it since it didn't apply to me) things on last year's? If you're doing TurboTax or something, I think it gives you options to make adjustments for the previous year. Also, that's kind of BS! I hope you get everything sorted out with it. Yes: if you made any income, you should get a W-2. It may vary from state-to-state and business-to-business, but it's possible that they are sent out based on your Social Security Number. Or it may depend on your zipcode. One of my coworkers got hers 2-3 days before I got mine.
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