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  1. Happy Birthday, Neeb! <3

  2. Speaking as someone who also has a project partnered with Tip.It, I know that this will be a great benefit for both parties involved. Glad to see some forward progress for Tip.It, and excited to see what this might bring in the future. Good luck! (Now; let's bring RuneTracker into the mix.;))
  3. Hello. Someone came into my chat room today to report an error on the quest guide for In Aid of the Myreque. There is a typo in step #2 " ... exit through the doora. Head south ... " Thanks! :)
  4. ilu ForsakenMage

  5. I'm glad to see some people actually noticed this topic and came to check it out. Sorry I missed you Sluggy, Ami, and Merc! :o I'll edit my post to include the Server/Channel info as well for those who already use a real IRC client. Sucks that so many people are having problems with that Java one.. You can also try out Gogloom's client but there's all sorts of security popups on it, so you have to kinda read carefully, it's not "yes to all." http://www.gogloom.com/client2/index2?mainCHAT=1&network=Tip&channel=%23runescape Edit: Another great alternative (and much easier) is Mibbit: http://mibbit.com/?channel=%23runescape&server=irc.tip.it
  6. Hey TIF, Tip.It has a Live Chat link at the top of the Forums. I am posting this because I want more people to come and check it out and participate. The chat has been around for many years, and used to be a very active place with lots of people chatting and using it. Unfortunately it has been on the decline recently. I hope that some people will see this post and decide to come check it out (and keep coming back.) We need more people to chat with! Come tell us about your latest adventures in RuneScape, your frustrations with your current quest, the noob who won't stop spamming the song that never ends, or anything else you can think of to chat about. The channel isn't limited to RuneScape only. The chat room can be a very rewarding experience if you stick around and actually talk to people. Sometimes it can take a little while for someone to respond, but when there are active people in it, Live Chat is one of the most engaging ways to communicate with other people in the community. Part of the reason that the IRC chat is so special is because you actually get to have 1 on 1 conversations with the staff of the site. There isn't as much staff presence as there used to be in #runescape as there used to be, and I'm really hoping that this nudge will get some more people interested, including Tip.It staffers who haven't given it a try. There is a simple java chat client up on the forums, but I would suggest anyone serious about being active in the chat community should look at a real IRC client like mIRC or xchat. These clients really do make IRC a fun and easy thing to participate in! Live Chat (Java not workin' out for you? Try Mibbit: http://mibbit.com/?channel=%23runescape&server=irc.tip.it) Server Info: Server: irc.tip.it Channel: #runescape
  7. Cancelled my RS sub in protest of SoF buyable spins. 7 years of membership comes to a close. QFC: 15-16-396-63662748

  8. Been a member for years and years.. Cancelled today. This is inexcusable. QFC: 15-16-396-63662748
  9. Posting on TIF again after 3 years.

    1. n_odie


      Saw a post and was like... sense when does spling post....

    2. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      I would say now, and I'm glad to see someone come climbing out of the non-poster bucket. ^_^


      Heck, seeing their profile, they just have to turn on Profile Comments, and it'll be like home for them. =P

  10. This would be excellent. I support. Especially if it could be accessed without having to log in to the game.
  11. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Spiked_boots "Spiked boots are boots that can be obtained by bringing Dunstan, the Burthorpe blacksmith, an iron bar and a pair of climbing boots (not rock climbing boots). Dunstan will only help after a player completes a required portion of the Death Plateau quest."
  12. Cool beans Tripsis. I've always thought that introduction forums were a neat idea for forum communities. Doubling as a farewell forum is good too.
  13. You are a very nice person and everyone gets along with you and you don't ruthlessly troll people EVER!

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