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  1. I played the BETA. Open world, over the shoulder third person shooter in NYC. I'm pretty excited it's based in NYC, seeing as I live right outside NYC and visit often (at least I used to before I joined the army)
  2. Haven't played TWD either lol. I mean it sounds interesting to me as long as it isn't a horror game
  3. Do you actually like it? Can you explain the game to me? I was looking at it on steam and read the description but I'm kinda torn if I actually wanna get it
  4. I finished AC: Syndicate on a rig I built in the barracks :D . Had parts sent from home and ordered some stuff. Feels good to be PC gaming again. Syndicate really didn't do much for me. I really want a game as good as Black Flag.
  5. if you wanna fly me out there I'll renovate it for you 1337 gaming room and whatnot
  6. I bought Witcher 3. Holding off on even starting to play it until I get done with my initial military training lol. 3 weeks left... Jan 21st :O
  7. That game is tough. Diablo 3 on steroids. Much more in depth last I played
  8. So what would you guys recommend I be picking up?
  9. So I've been gone 8 weeks and I'll be honest, I really don't want to read through a lot of pages of this thread I heard Invention is releasing like, the 25th of January? Cool stuff, I'll be home again then. What should I be doing before I go back on January 3rd to prepare for getting home January ~21st? I know that sounds confusing but yeah :P Also, I heard I really didn't miss much the last 8-9 weeks. A quest or two was really the most of it I guess?
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