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  1. Okay, I got 70 smith, and plan to mining next, but I've only got 2 days of membership left and just got 69 mining. I'll finish mining in f2p and probably start towards 62 craft(then I'll do earth b staffs until 70). Here's a whole bunch of pics: [hide=]67 Smith: 68 Smith: 69 Smith: 70 Smith: 69 Mining: [/hide]
  2. Back again from school and aports. I've been on RS also, and got a whole bunch of levels. After 70 smithing, I'll be doing prayer, so if anyone has a gilded altar I can use [hide=pics]73 Ranged: 63 Smith: 64 Smith: 65 Smith: 66 Smith: [/hide]
  3. It's me again, this time with more pics. Went and did that, no rev problems at all. Got a pretty good reward too(sara page 3). Then went and started smithing and before long, got this level. Today is the last day of spring break so it's back to school, so I'll have less for rs atm. But, I may be able to get some time during this week still. [hide=]Clue: 62 Smith: [/hide]
  4. Okay, I have got some stuff. I got 72 ranged and finsihed another trip, with another clue(which sends me to near the lava maze, south-east of the forgotten cemetary. Ty again to Faitherooski for letting me use her armour repair stand! =D> [hide=]72 Ranged: First Trip at Aviansies: Second Trip at Aviansies: [/hide]
  5. Yeah, it's me, with more pics! Did that clue. For 2 uri emotes and two wildy digs(same place, near wildy arena, lava vents), I got the stuff below. Went back to Aviansies and got some levels. I'll be finishing another trip at Avs(got another clue btw : ) and then smithing mith bolts and continue on funding the venture with trip to Avs. Levels and stuff: [hide=]75 Hits: 71 Ranged: Lv3 Clue: [/hide]
  6. I have a question. Is it better to go into the eyrie(grapple across) or stay in the main area?
  7. gratz in advance on 90 woodcut, it takes a lot of patience lol especially in f2p. Are you going for 99 btw?
  8. Ty! Anyways, I've finally gotten to Aviansies, but first I got an attack and cb lv at flesh crawlers while getting money for Aviansies originally lol. Either way, I get to Aviansies and manage to make close to 600k in one trip. I also got an range lv btw, 71. I'll stay here until I have 2m (I already have 580k banked and making 600k a trip) Here the levels are below: [hide=]71 Attk&89 cb: 71 Ranged: [/hide]
  9. Some recent levels and quests: [hide=]73 Attack: Horror from the deep: Temple of Ikov: 31 Agility: 35 Agility: missed 1100 skill total&33 Fletch: [/hide]
  10. I'm going for 70 smithing first, before prayer. To get money, I'll go to Aviansies and then use sc hammers with mith bolts. I've gotten a whole bunch of lv(all below) Levels: [hide=]56 Smith: 57 Smith: 58 Smith: 59 Smith: Missed it 60 Smith: 61 Smith: 40 Thieving: 41 Thieving: 42 Thieving: Missed it[/hide]
  11. Okay, I'm going for 70 smith. Cannonballs seem to be the most profitable method, but it isn't too fast. Does anyone know of a better/faster method.
  12. Okay, done fishing, and got a big swordy to boot. And if you've been wondering where I've been, balancing varsity basketball, bio, history, and math is harder than it sounds, and soccer is coming up soon, so I'm gonna be incredibly busy. So now, I'm renewing mems and getting 70 pray. It'll cost me 6m, so I've got a ways to go. 70 fish:
  13. Okay, I'm back again. The monster known as exams is now finished and shouldn't raise it's head until June, unless the school system here is screwed, either way I've got some levels here. And big news! I've gone mems too. After this I'm getting something I've been holding onto for a long time. 70 pray. I think I'm go to green drags near clan wars, collect d bones and sell green d'hides. But I've still got like 57k to 70 fish so, I'll get onto that. Fish levels: [hide=]66 Fish: 67 Fish: missed :S 68 Fish: 69 Fish: [/hide]
  14. Ty for the support :) Anyways, I've finally got my swordfishing gloves and am back at the Karampaja, harpooning this time. If you look at the screenshot of the calc above, you'll see that I've got 1.4k swordies to do, w/ gloves. It seems I come up 400 short as the gloves will crumble after 1k swordies, but remember, I'm harpooning, also getting tunas, which I'll be dropping. Also, I got an unexpected hits lv @ FoG 74 Hits:
  15. Okay, I'm back with 65 fish. To speed things up, I'll get swordfish gloves and have then only 1.4k swordies to 70 :) I'm now at FoG, trying to get the 200 tokens (I'm at 100 right now) and I'll try to get the gloves by Sunday. 65 Fish:
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