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  1. IF THIS KIND OF INFORMATION HAS BEEN POSTED BEFORE - SORRY How many accounts do you have? does one of your accounts us a bot? Time to stop Bots have become a real life marketplace nowadays - extremely deperate and kinda sad people actually buy bots for RS and other games Typical day of a bot user - Example Account one - Playing like normal not using bots etc (inoccent person seemingly) Account two - Bot farming fish - Feeding items to account one at cheapest rate or by death Account one - Taking items from account two and selling at highest price or using on skills etc etc This is a very sad thing to do but will never change and as RS boss himself has said BOTS in the future may become undetectable New games mostly coming from China etc have a good although not completely perfect solution The games allow one account per ip/email etc but within that account you can have more than one character most have 5 What this stops & creates - Stops multiple accounts at once unless you have another computer available as this would show a different IP Creates a large decrease in bot usage Creates an instant loss of all characters that some may have spent months perfecting due to bot reliablility Creates better more fun gameplay for most people If RS wants to show they are actually stopping bots etc this is something they should implement Alot of you are thinking but i have 4 seperate accounts on the same IP - not a big problem all RS has to do is inform people of the new change and tell them to provide all the details of their accounts they want to use on one account If anyone has a problem with the account change - then theres only one reason why - no one can run more than 3-4 accounts at once unless they are using some sort of AID program (except the odd one or two very dedicated players) The above has become a standard in most new games but thats only due to the fact that they are the Free To Play - want extras you pay types. Ive played alot of these games and on hardly any occasions has my game been ruined by bots of any kind This sadly is something they should have implemented a long time ago but never will for one reason that im sure your all aware of
  2. It won't ever finish they will have a giant update taking us all into another time period with a host of new weapons, armours, beasts and a whole load of new for everyone to explore for another10 years :) Everyone's stats and banks will be wipped clean with a nice fresh start :)
  3. Hi all Just thought you all would like to know that giant ant workers/soldiers drop wergali seeds and herb very often I did put the information on the corrections information but it hasn't been updated yet I'm sure most know this but if you don't enjoy
  4. Hi all Just thought you all would like to know that giant ant workers/soldiers drop wergali seeds and herb very often I'm sure most know this but if you don't enjoy
  5. As you know brawling gloves are one of the new PVP drops which give exp in certain skills Why should players that hate Pking miss out on such a good item!!! My idea EXPERIENCE CANDLES (this idea includes a new room for your house, see after the rewards info for details) You are rewarded with a nice colourful candle each being a different colour depending the skill, these candles have had spells set into the wax, once lit it will last forever burning away until you have used up all the experience wax :) You get experience in all skills except combat based lvl 1 clue - 10% extra experience last 250 uses (e.g 250 fished tunas gives 2k extra exp) lvl 2 clue - 25% extra experience lasts 500 uses lvl 3 clue - 50% extra experience lasts 1000 uses Do you burn the candles in our invent? No you burn them in your new POH room - Lets call it the Candle room for now You need lvl 50 to make this room (only one allowed) the room will come built for use. In your room you'll find 18 candle holders each of which only fit the required colour of candle An example - If you have a lvl 1 blue candle burning and have just recieved a lvl 3 blue candle you can either use up the lvl 1 candle or remove it and lose it forever You can if your really lucky have different candles burning at once hence you recieve experience in all skills when you do them Lots of people dont do clues they just leave them on the ground - WHAT A WASTE Now you have a reason to start doing them again A silly idea maybe but it would be fun :wall:
  6. Never skip always do if you like pure shells and plenty of mith ore drops
  7. Prob but he doesnt mention the visage to you unless you have the shield and as far as i can tell have done the quest. prob just a coincidence
  8. People say that you have to do the dragon slayer quest and talk to osiach in edgeville to actually have the oportunity to get the Visage drop. Is this another silly rumour or true.
  9. I love the new update and the new wildy - ive been fighting all the 105's etc they give great exp and are nice and tough
  10. As it says on KB if people would read it sometimes They can drop high lvl runes, drag daggers and lvl 3 clues being just some drops, i have had coins one drops 550
  11. The lumberjack in temple trek minigame are dropping guthix balance pots 1 dose only so far - this must be new as they have ever dropped them before and I play temple alot. db986 - to be added
  12. When did they start dropping battlestaffs - they certainly never used too? Are there any other monsters that now drop battlestaffs.
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