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  1. You saw mine? I didn't do it right because it wasn't on Google Maps, currently trying to fix my format. Someone can go ahead and post theirs if they want.
  2. I'll post one: Edit: Google Maps is being weird. Trying to post my city but its saying the image extension isn't allowed on the boards. Trying to get it to work.
  3. The wall contemplates his existence in an online forum and feels satisfied that he is making a difference. 68 HP
  4. Lol oops. :) Mexico. A guitar with no strings.
  5. Hmm...I think I vaguely remember you. TPUM likes reading articles on the iPhone in bed.
  6. The wall contracts salmonella from the egg salad sandwich it was eating! 67 HP
  7. Good song my friend gave to me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyMotVGNKL0&feature=related
  8. The wall eats a Big Mac with fries. 59 HP
  9. Granted. There is so much information that you forget everything else as a result. I wish I knew the meaning of life.
  10. Opera, no doubt! Would you rather consume an entire bottle of ketchup or a bottle of mayonnaise?
  11. Haven't seriously played WoW in at least a month or two. Just doesn't appeal to me anymore I guess when endgame comes. I spend so much time and care leveling my character to reach endgame, and it honestly feels like everything halts and the game becomes so much more slow and boring. I seriously hate grinding dungeons for gear, you have to spend so much time to compete with everyone already at the level cap. I might roll another character from the start and see if it does anything for me, idk.
  12. Honestly I respect both of your opinions. I understand it's really easy to be unsatisfied with these map packs, IW or Treyarch. I however don't mind spending the $15. I definitely disagree with the gimmick remark, I legitimately feel like they put effort into their packs. I'm a guy who's easy to sway, however.
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