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  1. How about making a thread just for people wanting assistence in the marketplace, so instead of just hunting through the game people may search the forums for exactly what they want help in or want to help in. This would increase the amount of friends on Tipit making us a closer community.
  2. Ohh I absolutely hate training ranged, the arrows don't shoot; they lob in an arch that makes the look wimpy and the armor looks like a pig should wear it. In fact the only good thing about ranged is the armor to craft and alch and there are still better options of getting money, anything having to do with ranged stinks
  3. Well strength couldn't be used in the desert but could be for lifting weights, but there is the additional charges with enchanted items. Agility is only used in shortcuts and energy recovery, and endurance would help players survive poisoning.
  4. endurance skill p2p only what it does: give members the ability to keep boosted stats longer without having to take another potion. Makes every prayer point last longer which would give more room for food in inventory instead of prayer pots. At certain levels enchated amulets, bracelets, etc. can gain extra charges or have greater effects such as +10 bonus instead of +8. decrease the frequency of poison injury while poisened. last longer in places like the desert ( sorry I am an f2p player so I don't know of many other places how to train: endurance can be trained by lasting in certain enviroments or under certain conditions like your character lifting a heavy weight by you pressin certain keys or just random chance (like agility training), surviving the hot sun with no water.. reward levels: every 5 levels is 1% longer lasting effect of potions effect with cape of achievement making 100% longer than level 1 every *9 levels is 3% longer effect of prayer points levels 20-45-75-99 give 5% effect to surving poison damage longer levels 30-40-60-100 give 7% effect to surving in desert longer or less frequent disease damage given levels 45-65-85-100 give 1+ charge to enchanted items and 3% larger effect to enchanted jewellery like ammy of power. level 45 could grant access to guild * no reward for every 3 levels you only would get the 3% at multiples of 9 training spots: since I don't know much about members locations and map I'm just going to describe how the training locations would work weights would be present all around and at certain levels you will be able to lift hevier weights which yeild more exp but are harder to keep raised the full amount of time (5-10 seconds) if you fail to keep the weight lifted there is a 35% chance you won't hurt yourself and a 65% chance you will be injured 10 hp (guild weights work differently) The desert where you need water to keep from being injured, if you don't bring then for every 3 minutes you are there (without eating food or dying) you will get 300 xp but if you eat food then the three minutes starts over! In the guild there would be rooms taking on harsh enviroments: desert-lvl 45- just like the desert but you get exp for every hp you lose artic-lvl 60- icy winds blow at irregular intervals causing much damage but give much more exp with stronger winds poison room-lvl 70- you are poisoned as soon as you enter and the poison gets stronger the longer you stay and you get exp for every 3rd minute you survive without food. when you leave the room the poison is cured. nb: your endurance level doesn't effect how often you get injured in the guild but will in the actual desert. weights in the guild: there will be weights for lifting for all kinds of levels 1- lowest weight, 30 xp per 5 second lift, lowest chance of failure, injures 3hp at maximum 2- heavier, 40 xp per 5 seconds, higher chance of failure, 5 hp injury max 3- middle weight, 60 xp every 7 seconds, 5 hp max but is more common to fail 4- strange weight, need endurance of lvl 65, 120xp every 5 seconds, 15-30 hp injury, fails often. 5- heavy, lvl 75, 80 xp for 10 seconds, same amoiunt of failure as lvl 2 but injures 10 hp max 6- 2nd heaviest, lvl 95, 100 xp for 7 seconds, 35% chance of failure, injures 13 hp 7- impossible weight, lvl 100, 500 xp per lift, no chance of failure, need cape of acheivements to use cape of acheivements can be bought from the guild master[/img]
  5. In the ice cave description the websites says "Blurite ore cannnot be traded, but players with level 8 smithing can make crossbow limbs and unfinished bolts from it," While the underlined text should say members to avoid confusion.
  6. did you know that on an f2p server you can not note blurite (I'm not sure about p2p though)
  7. your link to the table doesn't work anymore
  8. on the options interface where the run on/off button is when you highlight it a box shows up saying how much run energy you have left whenall you have to do is take the mouse off of the button to see how much energy you have left while if you want to know how much wieght you're carrying you have to open an interface that interupts the game. The game should show how much weight your carrying when you highlight the run option [/img]instead.
  9. Instead of having to click the individual stocks in the wheat squares I think we should be able to just click the square of wheat to pick
  10. In the cooking guild the guide says the nearest wheat field is south of Varock but now there is a small field right above the guild. [pokemama 2 Jun: yep, it's already on our list to be updated as a result of the Varrock release, I spotted the field right away. Thanks.]
  11. At first I thought you could just get a pot of flour for free and so I always kept my bucket of water with me to make bread dough.
  12. I've had eaglef2 since I was 6 and I kept up to right now
  13. All of the accounts that aren't mains I don't care if your main is lvl 100 all that matters is the character you are currently playing as
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