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  1. Slimmygal! How are you hun? I miss our chats, and wonders how you'r doing these days :)

    *hugs* :)

  2. Miss you gal! So long since we chatted - how are you hun? *hugs*

  3. Discussion of 3rd Party Clients is Not Allowed here.
  4. Please do not discuss ways to break the Rules here.
  5. We have a Sticky for posting Hidden Updates and Von_Goon has posted a link - Please use this - Locked.
  6. We already have a sticky here on OT to discuss this - Locked.
  7. Asking for help in training when away from your PC sounds like you are asking for macro or bot proggs which is against our Rules. Locked.
  8. Hiya Joe, Just wondering why you are asking for this information :?: Most is freely available if you take time to look. Regards, Slimfar. Forum.Tip.It/Administrator.
  9. All Questions should be posted on the Help & Advice Board please.
  10. The entire Administrator team would like to give a big congratulations to Tripsis, the newest Tip.it Administrator. You've probably seen her hard at work, keeping the forums clean; now she can do so in other ways and also provide help managing other aspects of the Community. Excellent work, Tripsis - you will be an excellent Administrator :D
  11. At the top of the Quest List just click on "Show/Hide done" and unselect all the quests you had previously selected :) I hope that helps :)
  12. Please try this link to another guide made by one of our members : http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=522985
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