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  1. That's a very pessimistic opinion. They can make account creation more difficult. They can perma ban at the first sign of botting, no matter what. They can refuse member payment from credit cards of people caught botting. They can do the tutorial worlds like I said to better monitor the influx of new accounts instead of just having them mix in immediately with everyone else. They can make reporting botting accounts easier. They can make it so if you're reported X amount of times within Y time limit you have to perform some stupid mundane task that bots wouldn't be able to do. Also I'm not sure how these things are temporary. If you start permanently banning people, they are going to be scared. People aren't going to buy gold anymore or bot their way up. Jagex could additionally require longer membership payments so if you are caught botting you lose more than 5 dollars a month or whatever they charge now. You talk about the balance between doing what is good for the game and what is popular. Jagex can do plenty of things without removing the wilderness and such to slow the influx of bots and the simple fact is they choose not to. I just made an account. It took 15 seconds. They require an e-mail address but don't even require you took activate your account with a code? Simple stuff like this might seem like a waste of time but how do you know its not going to help if you don't even try.
  2. This is what gives me pause on balance article. You can make accounts harder to create, you can create a tutorial world with strict supervision where accounts have to remain for X number of days before being released into the regular worlds, you can simply stick a Jagex mod at any number of X locations and just start banning the people who are obviously bots. Players who like to be 'quiet' when skilling are going to notice the mod and do something differently so nobody would be magically getting banned. I understand that there isn't a magic button that can be pressed but to call people morons for believing after 2 years (or however long) Jagex might actually invest some time into fighting bots? That's a pretty ridiculous statement. I agree the solution is to move forward and not back. I feel like Jagex though seems to move sideways. As for pacing, obviously I agree... how could you not... My opinion is they need to rebalance things across the board, across skills. If RS is going to survive and grow things like smithing tables need to be totally reworked. Full rune needs to be smithable at lvl 50 and Jagex needs to rerelease totally new things. It is ridiculous that it takes 99 smithing to make something incredibly useless (exaggeration, I know it has its uses). Yes, it would be a massive change but I think it needs to happen. Maybe somebody who agrees can talk more about that. I know I said I agree that you can't move backwards but I think Jagex does need to look back and realize that 8 years ago when a r2h was the best item in the game it was ok for the pacing to be how it was and it take 99 smithing to make such a weapon. 8 years later things have changed and the pacing of the game is quite awful IMO. There is too much to do and I feel like new players must be incredibly confused when they join and look at the skills and say what is the point of training smithing when it is going to take me 6 months straight of smithing to make armor I can wear after one day of playing. Anyway, overall the article is good. It is thought provoking, although the one poster was right, a bit abrasive.
  3. Or start playing competitive DotA, I love the game too :D Nah, Heroes of Newerth is easily the best DotA-copy out there. It is the best DotA copy. Which is why I don't play it. Because it is literally a copy and I could just play DotA for free. I will admit I only played HoN during the beta so I'm not very up to date on it but I still here it is more or less copy paste DotA. I do read S2Nome's blog from time to time and he seems pretty smart so I don't doubt it is well developed, I just don't care about graphics enough to invest when DotA is still around. LoL is a significant depature from DotA and it is quite difficult to compare them seriously. It is like comparing Halo to CS or RS to WoW. Both FPS/MMO but they go different directions. Hopefully Ice and Valve get it right with DotA 2! Also I'll be the first to say I was dissapointed when they took away tree spirit. They dropped a lot of natures and were fairly easy to kill. Plus they did help pass the time, especially when one would spawn and everybody would freak out trying to figure out if it was theres or not.
  4. Very classy interview. I was a little shocked by all the mentions of having to waste experience by waiting around for a couple of minutes.... I guess for most people playing like that is a chore but if you enjoy it, more power to you. Best part of interview, DotA shout out. Have you tried playing League of Legends? It's fairly similar and there are just as many trolls at the early levels but overall lots less leavers and such. Good luck on your goal.
  5. I hope you're kidding... you get 40 range, buy a cannon, buy some cannonballs, get 60 woodcutting or whatever, take the canoe to wildy, cannon drags in 5 minutes, tele back with glory to edge and repeat. You can just leave your cannon there in between trips. Nechs need 80 slayer which I'm fairly sure takes a hell of a lot longer and far less people have.
  6. I wonder if this would be such a big deal if Jagex had better implemented the changes in the first place. One can only wonder.
  7. Well I don't even play anymore but if you want my opinion they shouldn't be allowed. First thing, the long argument about 94 vs 95 prayer. I thought this was actually a good point but this demonstrates a flaw with the leveling system, not really a good supportive argument. It is something that should probably be changed. Second thing about weapons/prayers being reflected in combat level, you may not be able to see d-claws in an inventory but if you are fighting somebody who is lvl 126 you know they have the ability to use them. If they choose to use them or not to it doesn't really matter. The one thing old pkers did well is minimize on stats and only get exactly what you needed. It was your choice to raise your attack past level 60 knowing you can not afford anything more than dragon weapons. On the other hand it is impossible to guage whether or not somebody has the ability to use extremes. If you are not willing to do the quests to get all those fancy prayers or do the dungeons or whatever than don't raise your prayer level!! If you can't afford the new armors don't raise your defense! It is your fault for getting the levels if you choose not to get the best equipment for them!! When I played, there was options, you didn't have to have X,Y, and Z stats to be good. You could play a mith pure, a 1 defense pure, a rune pure, etc. The bottom line though was that if you were going to get 40 defense you were also going to wear the rune. It was assumed that players used the best items they could and as such seeing someone level 26 probably meant they were lvl 40 range. Even if they were chilling there in full iron knowing they were 26 gave you a good idea of what they are capable of. Knowing a player is lvl 126 means you should know they could pull out ags at anytime. On the other hand it is impossible to know at any level if they are going to use extremes, that is my problem. tldr: I agree with the people who say you can't see em can't use em. Hope my explanation made some sense. Suggestions instead of just complaints though... Allow the pots in the wildy. If you skull yourself though/have a skull they become supers. That way people who wanna hunt Choas elemental can still do it with extremes... if you are attacked with an extreme on leave it. That will be one of the risks to attack a non skulled player now. From then on however any extremes drunk will only appear as supers. I my solution is pretty fair. It lets people still use them in the wildy against monsters and even possibly agaisnt other players if the attacker is willing to take the risk.
  8. This is rediculous. Nothing against Jagex having a fan convention but they have on game and their is absolutely no reason to bring players together for LAN. Blizzcon works because Blizzard can give out beta keys, have contests, have LAN comps, have a competitive tourney, reveal progress of their new game, etc. I hope this goes well but I just don't see how it will work.
  9. Scroll wheel that [cabbage] like you scroll wheel a deagle in COD:MW. Regardless of whether it is against the rules or not it needs to be changed (and people need to be told of the change so we don't have people getting banned for not knowing) so it is against the rules. I don't have a problem with speeding some things up but clearly this is an abuse of the game. Yes, the game may be flawed and may need to be fixed but in the mean time we don't need every kid with this mouse getting 200m fletching exp in a week.
  10. Ya... the whining is out of control. Stuff like the PK riots were ok but this is a logical change that has absolutely no impact on the gameplay. Infact I am surprised you guys managed to discuss it for 27 pages. I though the firecape compromise was much more interesting overall.
  11. Gee creating a ton of bolts isn't exactly selfish when you think about. For a small minority of players yes, it might hurt their economic lively hood (doubtful, I doubt many people make a ton of money from bolts) but the lower prices for a majority of players wins out.
  12. You think only 100 players made a significant profit? Considering that people were saying bolts and supplies were difficult to get it is absurd to assume that there were not more people doing this. Why do they have needed to produce millions of gold. Even 20 million is a TON of gold and enough to buy a lot of levels in certain skills.
  13. No but it is messed up if there are low levels players that just made 400 million doing this which is enough to buy like 5 99's in stuff like cooking, herblore, smithing, etc as well as sick combat gear and basically as many ancient spells as you want to power level maging.
  14. I'm glad that they banned these people. Really. But I somehow doubt only 100~ people where doing it... It seems like they purposefully banned those with more time on their accounts while letting others off maybe. Of course I have no evidence of this but it seems plausible to me.
  15. I enjoy how only about 15% of this thread was about imps, 30% was about unrelated material, and 55% was QQ/arguing. It made my day.
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