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  1. Anything worth coming back to? I still got about 40-60M of the 90M i had. So if it was worth coming back to I'd consider it, however I also got college coming up soon. So not much time to play.
  2. True, but I wouldn't say the smelting section is out though. I don't feel like taking the time to edit it to be more current as I haven't played since January (well I was on once, but that was just to check my account). I suppose this guide, and my username to those who remember it and still play are all that is left of my legacy on here. Imagine that.
  3. It was about 20 pages long on word, so I'm not too supprised something like this happened. You are all lucky I kept the orginal on file, as I wasn't going to take the time to re-type it. It's posted, enjoy.
  4. Kudos to them if they did. I"m bored so I guess I'll check it. The password recovery questions would be rather hard to figure out, and the password isn't normal, but it isn't exactly too complicated if you think about it. I checked the account, everything still is there as far as I could tell. It's possible, but I doubt it would be worth while to hack anyway. with the trade rule it would take quite some time to steal 10s of millions of GPs. The account itself isn't worth a whole lot, thought it does smith rune, but with the exchange that matters little unless you can mine it (which I can't ha ha to all who might try).
  5. Kudos to them if they did. I"m bored so I guess I'll check it. The password recovery questions would be rather hard to figure out, and the password isn't normal, but it isn't exactly too complicated if you think about it.
  6. Yeah, but that is not what this thread is about :wink: Gold had its uses. ya i know i was just trying to summerize that section of the discussion so we could get back to the main point.
  7. to sum it up (the gold standard debate): gold is an attempt to backup money with something of percieved value.
  8. Not sure which part you find funny.. :? The US national debt IS around $9 trillion dollars. Or maybe you didn't know trillion is a real number as well... 9 trillion dollars= 9000 billion dollars. If that's still hard to grasp, americans owe over 9000000000 million dollars to other countries. Each citizen of the US is about $30,000 in debt to other nations. That's almost the amount the american economy is worth annually. You forget the obvious... its a country not a person... oh and i beileve i saw it was worth 15T. so not really. And im curious as to how much money other countries owe the US, and if that is factored in.
  9. It seems reasonible enough. Though personally i doubt the US will collapse because of it, more likely if the people in our government have any intelligence, they will probably lose some money, then figure out a different way to profit from it (I would look into it but its not my job :D), like perhaps just before econamic collapse Euro conversion (cut our losses better to loss 40% then 95%).
  10. i like quick access to a lot of things so my desktop is covered [hide=my Desktop] [/hide] Its organized in groups... such as "instant messaging", "games", "things to get", "website related", with the lesser used random stuff scattered around.
  11. Norway has paid of all it's debt and it's one of the wealthiest countries in the world, plus it's the wealthiest nordic country and has extensive, free social security and healthcare for all citizens, has one of the longest life expectancies and GDP... It donates billions to foreign aid and charity as a state every year... Your theory of "if a government isn't in debt, it's doing bad" makes no economic sense. How the heck is a country better off if it loans money from others? Hmmm, good point it probably doesnt make sense but its a sort of quote from my history teacher... lets see if i can find anything on it... nope not with all this worring about the US's debt... His name was hamilton i think he was pro-national debt (else he had a counterpart who was) in like the 1800s (not sure on the timeline, but that should be the century). or and i did do the research but i didnt bother posting it cause i didnt think you people would like the results. the fact was the debt is only growing at about 3x the inflation rate and historically the US's debt has always grown with during wars (bold = edited: forgot to put in)[/b] the point is that the US is still the richest country in the world. kinda, im saying the debt has a purpose... right now its building because of the war. War makes research advance at a far faster rate then during peace, and a was when the world ends... but yes B) basicly is end of world too. (at least for me.. cause I live there...). Bad things. for now... but at least some of that debt was used on government research and so we shall dind i was refering to my history class i took last year.
  12. I didnt watch the whole video but if its about the government being in debt this is what i have to say. Government being in debt isnt really a bad thing, in fact everytime the US govenerment has not been in debt (if i recall) their was a depression. as for the debt coming due. I doubt that. Gabe93walla: you dont know much do you. the US has been in a "war economy" sense like WW1 when we started spending over 50% of the budget on the military. However i agree if all else fails we can cut back some on military spending, but i doubt we would as the US likes to be on top in that area. and i think your forget the US is still the richest country in the world -But wait what about the $9 trillion debt... if the US sold every thing that was of value in any major US city. It would be worth far more then that. I bet (though i havent looked at the numbers). that if the US didnt spend anything on funding anything new. it could probably pay off that debt whenever. However, If you remember your history a man named hamilton (i think that was his name). said that national debt isn't a bad thing. The point is while it could become a problem its not gonna be the end of the US. Id be more concerned about nuclear war, or those days that are supposed to end the world (like 2012). Though I dont worry about those either. The main point is that nothing good will really come of paying off the debt. Do some research and find out what happens when a government has no debt. If memory serves me right it causes a depression... im not saying havent a high debt is good but im not worried about the current national debt, maybe if it was $20 trillion, but right now i doubt we have to worry about it. With the US's ever growing demand for ever more sophisticated technology the debt will increase as more money is poured into research. Which if possible will eventually come back to the ordinary people. Think GPS, or satellite TV. Which will fuel the economy. While increasing the US's power. As for the comments about that leading to our downfall... remember rome lasted far longer then the US. So my guess is with the weapons of today. The US will probably fall either A) when the world ends. B) when it is nuked to oblivion or some other form of WMD destroys it. It is wise to consider another aspect of this debt. What is this debt doing for us?
  13. Some would call me an atheis. (just for the record) Personally I think their are much more pressing things to die for then your beliefs, not saying I would backdown in an arguement, but in that situation I would yield just cause there is more important things to live for to die for such a reason. One thing that would be better to die for is like to protect someone you care for. Anyone who does that probably has probably put their life into thier beliefs and live their life according to thier beileve. Under those conditions i could see someone doing that though I wont agree with doing so. Anyone else probably has some sort of death wish. A belief is an important thing but it shouldnt control your life and probably isnt work dieing for. Thus my suggestion is to evaluate yourself. If you beileve in something worth dieing for, you better be sure it truely is worth dieing for.
  14. normally i start answering replys from the last one... however might not work well this time so ill start from the first reply. Noticed a few things were off topic of what i was actually doing so im gonna be puting more details into my main post. BlueLancer - I'm planning on making actual websites for small buisnesses, i live in an area with a quite a few of them around so ill probably start local and build up my skills, then expand to more online, and also im gonna be experimenting with various things to see what works best for me. Errdoth - as stated above ill be making website for various people which will inclue at least some coding as ill be using mostly microsoft frontpage, and the graphics guy did my logo as i didnt have the knowlage or the tools to make a decent one though i am looking into it, along with many other area's. skatedog111 - read the above. Errdoth - ya im gonna try to do both, or at least be decent with graphics. Ya its a good idea to have limits... When i get started I probably wont have much work so i should beable to get an idea of them during that time.
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