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  1. hey man, this r zzzuperman, just wanted to say gratz on 59 rcing, & now im posting here!! :o :wink: oh well, i might take break from my blog soon, it r takin time with school & st00f, oh well, actually, i just had 2 post somewhere to check how long ive been on tif. since this is my old acc i can c when this acc was made when i post now, hehe... :wink: well, tty ingame :
  2. gnna add link to the blog in "The Official Blogscape Index! :thumbsup: EDIT: im zzzuperman btw... :
  3. lol... thanx... :D He commented that on Zzzuperman's avatar mate. :| I can see nothing, but since nothing is sometimes better than the crap people use as an excuse for an avatar, you will get a 3/10. im zzzuperman, so rate zzzuperman's avvy... :wink:
  4. lol... thanx... :D 5/10 K.O.Light, w0t.. knock-out light!!! :XD: EDIT: plz rate zzzuperman's avatar, thats my other account... i logged on at wrong tip-it acc... #-o #-o #-o #-o
  5. lol... :P 7/10 tiall plz tell me which 1 of my 7 sigs ure rating... :wink: rate zzzuperman btw, this is his (zzzupermans/my) other account... #-o
  6. 4/10, i just rated ur sig and saw u on the avvy rate game :
  7. yahh, i kno, bad quality on the main pic. 6/10, black rose... :shock:
  8. well, i dont kno which 1 to rate, so ill rate all of'em :P 3-7/10 :
  9. 5-8/10, dont kno which 1 to rate :P
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