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  1. I'm aware that bonus xp prayer training isn't affected by dxp. No idea what a seren crystal is and only have 23k bonus xp tanked, not really sure how to build this up? Sorry Arceus, haven't noticed your messages.
  2. Thanks for the advice, I've decided to get 94 and use a banner. In addition to your arguments, this means that the xp gained from the 1000 overloads will contribute to reaching 96 rather than being a 'pointless' surprlus (towards a cape). I already have 10k infernal ashes and need a further ~20k (30k total) for 95 prayer. The savings from the herb adjustment more than pay for that. Also, I'm learning the EoC combat system slowly through slayer but would love to be pointed in directions for help using it at places like the GWD. I'm active in game if anyone wants to hit me up, (my old friends have gone).
  3. So I logged in for the first time in about 4 years this week and the 40m or so I spent on supplies back then is now worth more like 170 and will get me to 96 as well as the extremes for over 1000 overloads. I also have the resources for 92 prayer. So I just want a current understanding of the relative importance of different things now. Would the resources achieve more if I bought certain items or went into other skills?
  4. Interesting idea to go down the science route, except next time perhaps actually get it right - it's not just skin pigmentation that's different, prat, and I can say that without it being a racist opinion in any way. Multi-racial relationships are common throughout every strata of society - from the high proportion in Britain's council estates up to Seal and Heidi Klum. It can be said therefore that there are both positive and negative connotations to it. Mostly I would imagine that the high proportion of white/black relationships (usually black male white female) in lower socio-economic bands in the UK is due to the fact that a higher proportion of the black minority are poor compared to the proportion of whites ( though obviously in total numbers there are more poor whites as there are more whites in total ). Would I enter a relationship with someone from a very different ethnic background? (E.g. Indian, Vietnamese, African as opposed to Italian, Swede etc). No I almost certainly would not. Primarily because I simply do not find myself attracted to them. I am attracted to people who share similar features to mine (height, proportion etc) - let's not forget some other physical differences, to those who can see what I mean when I say: there are more black male to white female relationships than vice versa - that's a good example ; ). It is also very difficult to remove ourselves from the fact that mixed race youth tend to feature an incredible crime rate. A newspaper (respectable broadsheet) in the UK recently featured a multi-page article showing the pictures of 30-50 victims/purpatrators of knife murders in London over a set time frame. Incredibly they were all from ethnic minorities (some black, most mixed race. Obviously a large number of whites commit violent crime too, but a larger proportion of mixed race populations engage in it. Also, I might appear outdated for this, but I simply enjoy racial identity, I like the idea that when I go back to Thailand (where I lived for three years) I will see Thais, and when they come here to the UK, they'll see Brits, like my 6"8 self. That's not to say I think interracial relationships are wrong, I would just rather they were not the pre eminent kind of relationship, and they won't be.
  5. Essentially, 42 years of oppression can turn good people into war machines in order to secure their future. As with anything, most people know when to draw the line, but all it takes is 1 person with a 9mm who has a deep hatred for a man who caused so much pain for millions of people to take it too far. Hopefully now they can put this behind them and start to rebuild their country. They are rich enough in oil that, given a good and fair government, they have the potential to because a very strong, developed country. They are rich enough in oil that, given a good and fair government, they have the potential to because a very strong, developed country. gl with that
  6. They'd also be doing what no other MMO game (not just pertaining to the RPG genre) has ever achieved, which is what makes it all the more incredulous. *incredible, to find something incredible (i.e. you cannot give credit to it) you are incredulous of that thing.
  7. Polnar


    Different kind of flier XD Thanks for the responses, I just got one, happier than getting my fire cape, took 45 minutes at Karamja volcano....
  8. Polnar


    Hi, I'm stuck getting a flier, I've killed dozens of imps and a fair few barbarians, is there some other way I can get one without wasting my afternoon engaging in an absurd item gaining mechanic and becoming enraged? Too late.
  9. Hate to have to ask but I've been looking and just can't find the guide to the levels you need to complete all the quests, if someone knows where it is that would be very helpful. Thanks, Polnar
  10. The joke is on you, i was not trying anything. Instead of "argument" which you thought i was trying to create, i was just saying how i feel about 99s. Those who say 99s are hard is foolish. If you say that it's foolish to suggest that having the time to spend on gaining 99s is easy then yeah. Personally I don't have all that much time, so 99s for me are gained over long periods. I accept that the repeated clicking that is required to attain EXP is technically easy, but going through it day in day out so as to reach your goal is probably a little bit more difficult.
  11. Fixed that for you. I don't get it, what did you fix? Ooo aren't you just so clever with "I don't get it, what did you fix?" What a joke. I am not being clever, i am serious. So what did he fix, tell me then? I know you're just trying to drag me into an argument about whether or not getting 99s is difficult, so I'll step away from that. Just give yourself a pat on the back for having such genius of wit, and for bigging yourself up in front of everyone by calling 99s easy.
  12. Fixed that for you. I don't get it, what did you fix? Ooo aren't you just so clever with "I don't get it, what did you fix?" What a joke.
  13. That's if you think doubling/trippling/quadrupling the length of it so that it lasts into the thousands of hours, or hundreds of days, is a good idea :ohnoes:
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