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  1. I'll be messaging them once I find a way. I was just wondering if anyone has had the same problem and how they fixed it if they did. Thanks for the replies though!
  2. Nope, it was RS3 both times. I would get it if the members only stats were 1's unless I renewed a membership, but it's all of them so it's confusing. Plus, I can't exactly find anything like this anywhere else.
  3. Hey guys, I went on a 6-7 month hiatus from RS3 and wanted to start playing again. I was a member for quite a while before and of course canceled it when i stopped playing. I logged on today to find out that while I have the same character with the same email address, all of my character stats are level 1. Does anyone have any knowledge about this? Can I get those stats back? Thanks! HappyDarkBow
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