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  1. Hello there folks, I recently had a bit of extra time and took a peek back into Runscape. I chose OSRS and Ironman mode- OSRS because I'm a nostalgic kind of player and Ironman because I plan to mostly play solo. I'm also sticking to F2P for now, with no thoughts for upcoming membership at least until I'm further in the game. Which apparently might mean that I'm taking on a bit much :D But that's the way I'm playing and so far it hasn't been a problem. I do really need some suggestions though: all I have right now is knowledge of most game mechanics and basic things. (And way too much woodcutting/firemaking exp). 1. First thought is which skills should I focus on first? I started off mostly with mining & smithing to get better weapons so that training combat is more effective. But I'm realising all the support skills are necessary on some level. But being too balanced seems a little off as well. Same idea for combat. Also, where can I get a good pickaxe? :( 2. I really like questing, so throw some suggestions at me. Apparently there are only around 20 F2P quests, but how far do they go? Are they all nooby or do they get progressively harder and longer? I should mention I've already done the very very basics- the Cooks, Romeo, the Talisman, and the Restless Ghost. Still working on that yellow bead for Imp Catcher, and thinking Demon Slayer might need a better combat level... Wall of text... TL'DR: Any suggestions for a newbie is great.
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