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<3 Reborn Respite <3

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¸.•°°•.¸ Reborn Respite ¸.•°°•.¸
"Founded on a kindred spirit to be our free selves"

A social clan accepting members of any levels, background or location! We are slowly growing our community into an active and friendly environment where the main focus is to have fun and play your game the way you want to!
We encourage all players to cap every week as this helps to upgrade our citadel and gain yourself a nice little xp boost, although this isn't mandatory!
We have players that have played for over 20 years and some for 2 months - join us if you're looking for a clan to talk to, need advice, or just hang out and be you!
How to rank up:
Capping at the citadel
Assisting people in the clan
Gaining xp for yourself and the clan
Attending events
Plan/make events

Please feel free to guest with us before joining if you wish and visit our Discord!

We look forward to seeing you guys there <3

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