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iPad Issue


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My wife works in HR at a local, large hotel in the city we love. Per the hotel policy, any items left behind when a guest checks out must go to lost and found - which makes sense. But, after 30 days of the day it was registered by security/management, lost and found items can be claimed by staff. It’s usually not much but once in a while it’s something really good - in these cases there are a lot of people who want said item, so to make it fair they actually have a random drawing.


Yesterday, my wife won the drawing. For an iPad Pro! Personal items like this with potential info, the hotel management policy is to wipe The item if they can before they give it away. Which they did. They cleared the iPad to factory settings (you know, where you cut it on and it gives you the “hello welcome” screen to start setting it up). The PROBLEM, though, is we can’t set it up because the iPad is still connected to someone’s Apple ID/iCloud account.

is there any possible way around this? I spent a while googling possible ways to bypass this but I couldn’t find anything. Nothing “simple”, at least. I am no tech genius so I don’t know anything about jailbreaking or all that – and about the only things I found that looked even remotely “simple“ were programs you had to pay for, and 10 minute tech savvy YouTube videos about putting stuff on a thumb drive and booting your computer in BIOS mode and blah blah blah (stuff that’s over my head, sadly). It’s been years since I’ve posted on these old Tip.it Forums but I thought I’d give it a shot! Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!

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