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Runescape Population Graphs


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When OSRS was being voted on,  I decided to hack together something to graph the number of votes that were received during that time.  The people who were interested in extrapolating the number of votes at the end loved it for the data it provided.  


When the voting was over, I thought it would be interesting to compare the number of OSRS players to RS players and see how the population fared across updates.  I've been logging the population every five minuets since mid February.  


Here are some interesting sections.  


Peak online players

Average online players

On those two,  the interesting periods come between early July and Mid august.    You'll notice a HUGE decrease in the number of online players at this time due to Jagex's implementation of various bot tracking tools.


Standard Graphing


My to-do list for those pages:

For graphs that display a longer period of time, even out the points.  Instead of a point every 15 mins(or whatever I have), average out the data for the time period.    This should reduce spiky lines and load times.  

Better bottom navigation.  Make the bottom section scroll like a google graph when you drag past the end.  Add date ranges.  

Better event notification.  Show all events that happened in the selected time range so you don't have to click each and every dot to figure out what you looking for.  Add a search for events so you can jump straight to the one you're looking for.


If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know.  

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After ignoring this page for the longest time, I've made some updates.


1:  Redid the display.  Smacked a default bootstrap style on it and I'm calling it good.

2:  Added granularity settings.  You can select how detailed you want the data to be.  

    The Updated granularity settings allow you to analyze the data better with week/month/quarter summaries.  

3:  Modified the time selection.  There is no point in someone seeing 13 months worth of data at 15 min intervals.  I've set my limits, which I think should be enough to see what's needed.

4:  Removed the events.  I haven't updated those in months, so there is no real point in having them.


You can get to it at its new page, http://misplaceditems.com/rs_tools/graph/

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I've added an additional data series - Total population.    I've seen quite a few topics about the total population of RS as incoming links, so I feel like this information should help everyone involved in those discussions.


It shows  automatically, but it can be toggled on and off under the "Display" drop down.


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Great idea, thanks for adding it - now we can see the total number of players without eyeballing it ;).

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