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I Hate Being Distracted




Quick update. First of all, I managed to reach 86 Mining and 220k xp yesterday. That equates to around 4 hours of mining. If I were to keep this pace up then I would reach 99 Mining over the next 37 days. Unfortunately, I have a short attention span and can lose patience very easily, so no promises.


Today, I plan on...you got it...more Mining. Before I go out though I want to do the circus and penguin hunt D&Ds. I hate doing these. Maybe it's because Distrations and Diversions does not sound like something a guy who has ADD like me should be doing. I keep putting them off (that sounds like more like me) because I don't really want to do them, and before I know it a week has gone by and they have reset. They are irritating to do, but the rewards are just good enough not to pass up.


I used to do Evil Trees and Shooting Star ones as well, till I began to realize it was more of a pain to wait and find these things than worth it. But apparently all of you love them lots, because Jagex keeps releasing more and more and more D&Ds. How much time do we waste with these things? I have never done the Familiarisation; the reward sounded like junk and the game sounded boring. I don't know anybody who does do this D&D, but I'm sure somebody out there does. I still haven't completed the first statue in the museum in Shattered Heart either. It isn't something I go out of my way to find, but only something I work on if I happen to come across the strange rocks. I might have to wait 30 weeks to hear from other players who manage to complete their statue in their house to see if it's really worth it.


That reminds me though. Before I do anything I need to finish editing this week's Times articles. I've been distracted from my duties this week. So that's: edit the Times, Distract and Divert, and get 87 Mining. Time to pop my Ritalin and get to work.


Till next time, happy Scaping. Oh, and stay focused.



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