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Need to get this off my mind



Its seems I'm nearly a senior at school, which also means, I need to think about what options I need to take to get a required job or career. Although I have been think about my dream career for like the last 2-3 years, I seem to have taken the wrong path for it. So other that this, my dream career is....



To work for Jagex! Don't know why, I seem to have a interest with them, and if I'm lucky, my dream will come true. :smile:


Now you've known my dream career, some of you or all of you might be thinking, "JAGEX?! LOOLROFLNOOB, WHAT A DUMB CAREER, etc", but my friend gave me a long motivating speech about how I should not give up, even if there are obstacles. I need to get back up, and keep trying until I succeed. Even if I have to die trying (Last one was a joke, :razz: )



Post your thoughts and whatever.


For a little fun, I found this funny gif somewhere on the internet:



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I thought of working for them too!(:


However, there ARE alot of apps to become a JMod, I'm sure of it. So getting in would be the biggest obstacle you'd have to face - Let alone the requirements and recommendations. :/

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I hope I can. I live like on the other side of the UK. Thats New Zealand btw. Gotta save some money, look for a job, and fund my way there, as well as a work visa. And if I need, I'll get citizenship for UK. :wink:


I hope thats how it works, still young though.

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